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Over 600,000 people die from a heart attack every year in USA. That’s 25% of all deaths. Statistics from other parts of the western world are similar.

The fact is, though, that if detected early, a big percentage of those deaths could be prevented.

There are several classical warning signs of heart attack that many of us are aware of. For instance, an aching sensation in the arm and chest that spreads into the neck and jaw is fairly common.

The problem is, however, that no two people experience heart attack in exactly the same way. And there is an especially big difference between warning signs for men and women.

In today’s video, we’re going to look at some of the ways men and women can experience the beginning of a heart attack differently.

Note: This is a short, 3-minute (an actual newscast) video. Not the long sales presentation most of us have learned to hate.

But why not avoid heart attack and stroke altogether?

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