It is said that music tames the savage heart, but researchers looking at patients in intensive care recently proved the adage to be true. But not just any music fits the bill.

Researchers looking at blood pressure and pain levels for patients in ICU recently found that playing a certain kind of music was very effective at lowering both.

The study out of the University of Arizona showed that a 10-minute harp performance didn’t just lower high blood pressure. It actually also brought up low blood pressure to normal levels.

One hundred participants were split into two groups. One was given 10-minute periods of quiet relaxation and the other was treated to the harp performances.

The participants in the harp group were found to have lower levels of pain than what they were reporting before the music, and their blood pressure was more stable than in the group without music.

The study’s publishers were quick to point out that music alone isn’t the factor that heals, but it does create the ideal environment to make healing progress more quickly, since normal blood pressure is such an important key in healing.

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