Today I’m going to discuss a revolutionary new method that has been scientifically proven (study performed by UK University team) to bring blood sugar level down to normal in only ONE week and CURE type 2 diabetes in 7 out of 10 people in 8 weeks.

What’s more, it’s so simple you can learn it in two minutes (in this article). There are no complications and it doesn’t cost a dime (may actually save you money).

But there is a catch… this method will test your will and determination to the max.

I’m sure lots of our readers are going to have a strong reaction to this article, so please read on and make your comment at the end.

This is not the first time I touch on this method. I’ve mentioned this and a couple of other studies a few times on this site. But this time I’m going to explain exactly how it’s carried out and how exactly it works.

The method is simply to restrict calorie intake to only 600 calories a day for two months. This diet in the study consisted mostly of diet shakes and non-starchy vegetables. No carbohydrates, no sugars, no fats. No more to it.

Because of how simple this diet is, it also makes it easy to manage. You can calculate pretty much exactly how many calories you’re eating and subconscious cheating is almost impossible.

Even if you believe this would be too tough for you to handle (true for 95% of us), read on to understand how this works and learn alternatives based on a similar philosophy, but a much easier approach.

How Does The 600 Calories Diabetes Diet Work?

According to the scientists that did the study, the main benefit people received was to remove fat from glands in the pancreas that block insulin production. In fact, the fat in the subjects’ pancreas dropped from 8% down to 6%.

This method probably also removed fat that was blocking receptors on muscle cells that prevented them from accepting insulin messages, causing insulin resistance.

But I think there was more to this than that…

Type 2 diabetes is mostly a lifestyle disease. Although genetics play some role, most experts agree that diet, obesity, lack of exercise, pollution (including smoking) and other lifestyle factors, in essence, created it.

It’s also a metabolic disease. Insulin is at the heart of the metabolic process. It tells your cells to take in glucose for energy and fatty acids for energy storage. When you develop type 2 diabetes, this process is interrupted so either not enough insulin is released or the cells in your body ignore the insulin message and refuse to take in the glucose from the blood.

Additionally, type 2 diabetes is an inflammation disease. Due to free-radicals and inflammation, your body attacks parts of itself (in this case the pancreas, muscle cells and the liver) seriously impacting their ability to release and use insulin.

Now, here is how I think this diet benefits:

I believe the 600-calorie diet gives the system a much needed “Time-Out”. On 600 calories, the metabolism will drastically slow down. The body is only going to do the bare minimum. Don’t plan to launch a big project while on this diet. You won’t have the energy for it.

As you begin your diet, most of the glucose (blood sugar) is removed from your system. It’s simply used up because 600 calories are drastically lower than what you need. Even if you have an extremely low insulin level in your blood, or many of your cells are insulin resistant, you’ll still use more glucose than you put into your system. So there is no surprise or magic behind the fact that after one week, the participant’s blood sugar was down to normal.

Our skeletal muscles use the majority of our energy. The more muscles you have, the more energy you need. That’s why one of the first things your body does when faced with starvation (600 calories would count for mild-starvation) is to draw energy from muscles. This is the reason why most very low calorie diets don’t work in the long-haul because the weight loss is rather muscle-loss than fat-loss. In this case, however, it may be beneficial since this reduces the need for insulin and glucose delivery to the muscles, adding to the “Time-Out” effect that we mentioned before.

One of the major factors believed to trigger the inflammation reaction is a stimulate food such as sugar, which creates spikes in blood sugar in the body. This is especially serious for type 2 diabetics since they have constant spikes in their blood sugar. Therefore, eating is constantly triggering an inflammation reaction that attacks the pancreas and other cells. This creates a deadly health-related spiral with only one end.

There obviously aren’t any sugar rushes or blood pressure spikes on the 600 calorie diet. So as we’ve forced down the blood sugar, we also cut off this inflammation circle … giving the body time to restore itself: “Time-Out”.

This is a little similar to what Christian Goodman calls a “Focused-Break” in the high blood pressure program. Christian has helped thousands of people to lower their blood pressure naturally – sometimes in as little as 9 minutes, using simple mind/body exercises that naturally force the blood pressure down- and therefore gives the body time to restore its system. His three exercises have worked for people who have tried everything else, no matter what they considered the cause of their high blood pressure to be. You can learn more about his exercises here…

[adrotate group=”5″]The point I’m trying to make is that when dealing with various diseases naturally, often the best approach is to step out of the way and let the body deal with it without our constant intervention.

When an animal in the wild gets sick, it doesn’t go out for a hunt. It doesn’t run out to a doctor for medicine to make it feel a little better. It listens to its own body, lies down, eats little to nothing and just rests. It lets its body take care of the process and steps out of the way…


It’s like when our computer freezes and slows down to turtle speed. The best thing to do is not to try to get into a bunch of different programs and settings and try to fix this and that. Just hit that restart button and let it reboot itself.

I think this is one of the main benefits of the 600 calorie diet. You’re not adding in any triggering carbohydrates or fats.

Indian gurus have encourages using fasting for centuries to improve and maintain good health.

If you’re considering taking on the 600 calorie diet to cure your type 2 diabetes, there are several things you must keep in mind.

Absolutely do not do this without consultation and the supervision of your doctor. If your doctor doesn’t want to go through with this with you, seek another one that’s more naturally focused. But make sure you have a doctor check up on you every few days.

The study participants ditched their medications when they began the diet. If you’re on medications, it’s even more important to have your doctor handy.

The participants used diet-shakes as the main substance of their meals. I’d usually not recommend the use of artificial shakes. This is, however, an extreme, time-limited method. Sometimes you have to use extreme tools when you’re taking extreme methods.

The participants also loaded up with healthy, non-starchy vegetables, which I think was the key for them to get the basic vitamins and minerals they needed. In addition, you’ll also want to take supplements.

Make sure you spend enough time outside in sunlight to load your body with vitamin D. This vitamin is essential to fight inflammation and you won’t get it from the 600 calorie diet.

Finally, after the 8 weeks of the strict diet period was over, the study participants were given recommendations on a healthy diet. This is probably the key to fight the type 2 diabetes permanently. If you “cure” your diabetes in a few weeks and then go out and load up on a Big-Mac every day, the problem is going to raise its ugly face again. Eighteen months after the study, most of the participants were diabetes-free. The pain of the eight week, low calorie diet probably stuck with them as a reminder of never letting themselves go that far down again.

Now, you may not have to go into such extremes…

Although the study pushed the participants for eight weeks on this heavily restricted diet, there is nothing that indicates type 2 diabetes cannot be cured in a shorter period of time…or that only a few days of low calorie diet will drastically improve their health.

Many of my clients have done the low calorie diet for seven days. That’s enough for everyone to bring their blood sugar level down to normal. After that they followed the diet plan in my 21-Day Guide to Beat Diabetes.

This plan is very easy to follow and stick to. Whereas 95% of people would give up on the 600 calorie diet before the end of eight weeks, almost everyone can stick to it for ONE week and then follow the easy plan in the 21-Day Guide to Beat Diabetes.

The 600-calorie diet works. But maybe it is unnecessary suffering. After all, my diabetes plan alone has helped thousands of people. And it’s based on the same principles as I listed above, without major suffering.

What do you think? Would you be ready to take on the 600-calorie diet? Do you think it works? Please leave your comments below…