How High Cholesterol Surprisingly PREVENTS Cancer (study findings)The received wisdom currently holds that the lower your cholesterol, the healthier you are.

This may, however, not be the truth.

A new study by scientists at Aston University in Birmingham in the UK, published in the European Heart Journal, reveals that high cholesterol can decrease your risk of a specific cancer by almost 38%.

Researchers identified 16,000 women diagnosed with high cholesterol and 16,000 women of similar age and lifestyle with normal cholesterol.

After the 14-year study period, 0.8 percent of those with normal cholesterol had been diagnosed with breast cancer, while only 0.5 percent of those with high cholesterol had.

This means that those women with normal cholesterol were 38% more likely to develop breast cancer than those with high cholesterol.

This was a surprising result and doctors wildly guessed that statin drugs (taken for high cholesterol) were responsible for lowering breast cancer risk. Yet there was no data to support this.

Previous studies have already found that your breast cancer risk is more linked to the type of cholesterol you have than your overall cholesterol levels.

In 2005, for example, a study in the journal Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention concluded that women with low HDL cholesterol were more likely to develop breast cancer, primarily because they also have raised estrogen levels.

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