These Popular Blood Pressure Meds Cause Kidney Failure – and Even DeathIf you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure, chances are high your doctor wants you to take a popular kind of blood pressure medication.

But what if these exact medications that are supposed to save you, could cause even more serious conditions than high blood pressure?

Breaking news released by Cambridge University reveals the alarming connection between a certain class of prescription blood pressure medications and kidney failure – causing death in a big percentage of those who suffer it.

A class of blood pressure medication known as ACE inhibitors was studied in the landmark research.

Clarification: ACE inhibitors are a class of drugs, not a brand, so if you’re unsure if the blood pressure drugs you’re taking is in this class, ask your doctor or simply search for your brand.

Data that was compared included rates of hospital admission specifically for renal (kidney) failure and the use of the popular drugs, taken by more than 5 million people worldwide.

A startling, but obvious, trend emerged. More than 58% of the patients admitted with renal failure were also taking an ACE inhibitor.

While there are a number of factors that can contribute to renal failure, such as diabetes, the connection was overwhelming after researchers adjusted for conditions such as those.

Even more alarming, those who took ACE inhibitors were at a 30% increased risk of dying compared to those who didn’t take the drugs.

While doctors caution patients to not suddenly stop taking the medication, they do acknowledge that patients should be weaned off it safely if better alternatives are available.

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