How a Heart Healthy Lifestyle Saves You MoneyThey say that the best things in life are free … such as love and health.

And most of us don’t put dollar signs on good health. It’s more about self-control involved in making the right lifestyle choices.

But a new study published in The Journal of the American Heart Association reveals amazing numbers about the money you save by living a healthy heart lifestyle.

Researchers used information collected by the 2012 and 2013 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey to find out how much money atherosclerotic adults over 40 years of age in the United States spent on their annual medication.

The answer?

It depended completely on the extent to which they kept risk factors under control.

Risk factors for serious uncontrolled atherosclerosis are inadequate physical activity, obesity, smoking, dyslipidemia (too much fat in your blood), high blood pressure, and diabetes.

On average, people who had these risk factors approximately under control spent around $1,400 on medication per year.

Those with unhealthy lifestyles who did nothing to bring these risk factors under control, on the other hand, spent $4,516 on drugs annually.

Inadequate physical activity added $519, dyslipidemia added $631, high blood pressure added $1,078 and diabetes added $2,006 to their annual pharmaceutical expenditure.

And even if you live in a country with extensive “free” healthcare, just imagine how much tax could be saved if everyone kept their heart health under control. Because ultimately, it comes out of our own pockets.

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