How Breastfeeding Affects Heart Attack Risk (decades later)If you’re a mother who breastfed her children (maybe decades ago)

Or if you’re a father whose wife breastfed her children (again, maybe a long, long time ago)

You should read today’s article.

Because as good as breastfeeding is for children, new research made a shocking discovery regarding the effects on the mother’s heart health … 40-60 years later.

In this study, published in The Journal of the American Heart Association, Chinese researchers examined the health history and breastfeeding practice of 289,573 women in rural China.

The scientists reported 23,983 strokes, 16,671 women with coronary heart disease and around 10,000 women with other forms of cardiovascular disease.

Compared with women that never breastfed, those who did breastfeed had a 12 percent smaller chance of having cardiovascular disease, a 9 percent smaller risk of having coronary heart disease and an 8 percent smaller chance of suffering a stroke.

The women who breastfed the longest were the least likely to suffer these conditions.

Those who breastfed between 6 and 12 months enjoyed a 7 percent smaller risk of a heart attack and stroke than women who never breastfed, but those who breastfed for 24 months or more enjoyed an 18 percent reduction in their risk of these two events.

This is yet another great proof that breastfeeding is not just healthy for the child but also the mother.

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