This Traditional Arthritis Treatment Proved Useless (or worse)There is a popular treatment for arthritis that’s so effective in the beginning, most arthritis sufferers are tempted to jump on it.

But a new study published in JAMA by four scientists from the Tufts Medical Center and the Boston University School of Public Health reveals devastating long-term effects of this method.

It doesn’t just become useless within a few months, it actually eats up your joint cartilage like a vampire, leaving you in a much worse state than before.

Researchers recruited 140 patients with painful knee osteoarthritis.

They randomly divided them into two groups: 70 participants received injections with corticosteroid triamcinolone and the other 70 received saline injections for two years.

The participants were asked to report their pain levels every three months and the doctors performed MRI scans at the beginning, the middle and the end of the study to examine their cartilage.

After 24 months, those injected with the corticosteroid reported no less pain than those injected with saline, suggesting that corticosteroids are actually useless long-term treatments for arthritis pain.

Even worse, those who had been given the corticosteroid injections had lost more cartilage than those given the saline, suggesting that corticosteroids actually lead to cartilage loss, precisely what one must prevent in people with osteoarthritis.

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