The Uselessness and Dangers of Cholesterol Drugs for the ElderlySome doctors seem to have an almost God-worshiping approach towards cholesterol-lowering drugs.

They want to force these drugs on EVERYONE over the age of 50. Even those who have low cholesterol, a healthy heart and no plaque buildup.

Okay, I’m not the one to judge. Let’s leave that to science.

In the May 2017 edition of JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers published a study that examined the use of statins to prevent cholesterol in people over the age of 65.

And for anyone who has this kind of statin-worshiping doctor, the results from the study were nothing short of terrifying.

They compared 1,467 people on statins to a control group not taking statins.

The average age was 71, and the subjects did not have high cholesterol, but were moderately hyperlipidemic, meaning that their blood fat content was a bit high.

By the end of six years, the two groups still showed the same levels of cholesterol and coronary artery disease, meaning that the statins did not cut the risk for the people who were taking them.

Even worse, the results suggest that the elderly statin-takers were more likely to die than their drug-free counterparts.

They didn’t die of anything specific, just of any cause, but if the point of statins is to prevent death from heart disease, hastening death from other causes is far from helpful.

In other words, statins were at best useless, and at worst deadly.

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