This Surprising Ingredient Lowers Blood PressureMany foods that decades ago were on the “do not eat” list if you were after optimum health have been researched and researched some more- only to find out we should have been eating them all along.

It’s not uncommon anymore to find out foods we thought were healthy, then became unhealthy, finally returned to the healthy foods list.

One particular food seems to toggle excitedly between polar opposites in health.

Recently, it’s been proven to reduce high blood pressure as much as a dose of one of the leading ACE-Inhibitor drugs, and it’s likely sitting in your fridge right now.

Using hypertensive rats, the researchers isolated a chemical found in egg whites called RVPSL.

Even after heat-treating the chemical, as would be found when cooking the egg white, researchers found that the rats’ blood pressure came down as much as it would after receiving a single dose of most popular ACE-Inhibitor drugs.

While the researchers acknowledge that more study would need to be done to see the benefits in humans, they were encouraged that the natural compounds in egg whites can be used in concert with other treatments to find effective, safer treatment for hypertension.

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