Genetic High Blood Pressure Drastically Cured With This Tasty FruitOne in three adults in the United States is struggling with high blood pressure, and most will suffer with this chronic condition throughout their lifetimes.

The good news, however, is that researchers have found a solution to this endemic problem that does not lie in handfuls of pills, but rather on the end of a vine.

Not only did this powerful fruit lower “general” high blood pressure, it also alters your genes, curing genetic high blood pressure.

Researchers have long been aware of the benefits of grapes. Respected experts such as Dr. Mark Hyman have called it the “mother of all antioxidants.” But now it seems that it’s even better than was initially thought.

A recent study shows that grapes work to promote increases in glutathione levels within the heart – an antioxidant that fights against heart disease that is specifically linked to high blood pressure.

Scientists from the University of Michigan undertook a study whereby they supplemented a large amount of grape powder to a dangerously high fat diet in rats to determine what would happen.

The results were outstanding. The grape powder actually prevented the hearts of the rats from becoming enlarged and the arteries from hardening, as usually happens with humans and animals on a high fat diet.

An enlargement or stiffening of the heart vessels is quite a common side effect of high blood pressure. Due to these findings, researchers can now say with some confidence that grapes do not only lower blood pressure, but also contribute to the prevention of heart failure.

Once the scientists were aware of the positive benefits of the seemingly insignificant grape, they then went on to conduct a further study.

Now they fed the grape-rich diet to rats suffering from hypertension. This new diet lasted for 18 weeks and now the results were even more significant than before.

The grapes actually altered the very genes of the animal.

Basically, by altering the genes the grapes boosted the antioxidant abilities of the cells in the heart, thus preventing it from stiffening and suffering under the ravages of high blood pressure.

Lead researcher, Dr. Mitchell Seymour, made a statement that this study is particularly interesting because although they were aware of the positive effects of grapes on high blood pressure, and indeed on heart health, they didn’t know how they worked until now.

He went further in recommending that individuals suffering from high blood pressure should add at least a handful of these tasty fruits to their diet, as this might prevent heart disease that is related to high blood pressure from spiraling out of control.

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