Warm Water Cures High Blood Pressure – Study ProvesDespite endless side effects of blood pressure medications, in most cases, they fail to bring blood pressure down to a healthy level.

But now a new, absolutely free discovery has been made, that’s extremely enjoyable and causes no side effects, and best of all…

Cure high blood pressure even after drugs have failed. All it takes is warm water!

Everybody enjoys a hot shower – it’s undoubtedly relaxing and refreshing. Not surprisingly, ‘hot aquarobics’ is what the doctor ordered for those who don’t respond well to medications.

In a study conducted recently, patients whose blood pressure remained high despite trying out three different medications had a better and more enjoyable treatment option!

They exercised three times a week in warm water heated to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius).

The researchers at Sao Paulo University in Brazil recruited 32 men and women for their study. All the participants had high blood pressure above 90/140 mm Hg. They were divided into 2 groups, and one group was assigned normal exercise routines while the other group was prescribed a ‘hot aquarobics’ treatment thrice a week. They continued taking medications throughout the study period.

It was almost like a miracle. In people whose blood pressure reading stubbornly refused to go down no matter how many pills they took, dropped when they did aquarobics in warm water! The research study shows that even very high blood pressure readings could be brought down with the help of this innovative treatment.

More interestingly, even three days after the treatment, the blood pressure readings still remained low.

It should be noted that water should be considerably warm to be effective. Water warmed to around 27 degrees Celsius was found to be less effective. It is believed that the heat of the water causes the blood vessels to expand lightly. This allows blood to flow more freely and brings down blood pressure.

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