Gut-Wrenching Cure for High Blood Pressure DiscoveredTrillions of bacteria wrenching your gut may have more to do with your high blood pressure than narrowing of your arteries.

Researchers have previously linked these masses of bacteria with irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

Now they figured, why not lower your blood pressure as well by toying with your gut bacteria collection?

The study was published in the journal Physiological Genomics.

They divided rats into two groups, one with high blood pressure (the hypertensive group) and one with normal pressure (the normal group).

They first extracted a sample of gut bacteria from both groups, after which they gave the rats antibiotics for ten days to kill off most of their bacterial colonies.

They then implanted the hypertensive group’s bacteria into the intestines of the normal group, and the normal group’s bacteria into the intestines of the hypertensive group.

Subsequently, the normal group developed high blood pressure, showing that gut bacteria can elevate blood pressure.

More confusingly, however, is the fact that the blood pressure of the hypertensive group did not drop by much after the bacterial implant, possibly suggesting that interventions related to gut bacteria should happen as early as possible in life.

When those chemicals were absorbed into their blood streams, they activated receptors in their blood vessels to lower their blood pressure.

This research is still in its infancy, however, so scientists cannot tell us exactly how to change the bacterial colonies in our digestive tracts.

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