Cure for Genetic High Blood Pressure DiscoveredHigh blood pressure passes through generations like wildfire. If you have high blood pressure, most likely your parents and grandparents had it, too.

Consequently, almost everyone writes it off as something genetic and there is little you can do about… right? Wrong!

A new study reveals how high blood pressure was passed on to you… but more importantly, how to cut the tie and cure yourself today.

Given this rising phenomenon of high blood pressure during pregnancy, American researchers decided to study its effects on the offspring and investigate ways to address them. They published their research in the journal Hypertension.

In their first experiment, they divided pregnant rats into two groups: those with induced high blood pressure and those left to give birth at normal blood pressure levels.

Between eight and nine weeks, which are a rat’s equivalent of human adulthood, they gave the children from both groups of mothers a hormone to elevate their blood pressure.

Interestingly, those whose mothers had high blood pressure during pregnancy developed much higher blood pressure than those whose mothers were healthy.

From this, researchers implied hypertensive pregnancies yield children with an over sensitivity to things that usually cause high blood pressure.

Studies addressing newborn rat’s high blood pressure showed it’s possible to retrain young brains to forget some of the harmful diseases and potential diseases that our mothers pass to us during pregnancy. Therefore, the sensitivity to blood pressure triggers that we inherit from our hypertensive mothers is not permanent.

The easiest way to tackle genetically caused high blood pressure is using simple exercises – found here – that force your blood pressure below 120/80 in as little as nine minutes….