Most Common Vitamin Drastically Lowers Stroke RiskStroke is a complicated neurological disorder that is difficult to diagnose and even more tricky to treat and cure completely.

Yet, there is a one single, very common vitamin that is known to reduce the risk of developing stroke by 19%. A vitamin associated with citrus fruits. And despite its abundance, we’re surprisingly deficient in it.

Yes, vitamin C has been known to play a role in controlling the incidence of stroke.

A research study conducted by American Academy of Neurology revealed that people who’ve never had a stroke are more likely to have normal levels of vitamin C in their body compared to those who have developed one or more strokes in their lifetime. These people have very low or depleted levels of vitamin C.

Usually obesity, high blood pressure and alcohol consumption are considered to be the major risk factors associated with stroke. But this study shows that deficiency of vitamin C should also considered.

The experiment to test the relationship between vitamin C and stroke involved 65 healthy individuals and 65 individuals who had suffered hemorrhagic stroke in the past. Out of the 130 individuals, about 45 percent had normal levels of vitamin C and 45 percent had very low levels. Individuals who had higher levels of vitamin C in their blood were also those who had never experienced stroke.

Did you know that there are two types of stroke? Ischemic stroke occurs as a result of a block in the blood vessel supplying blood to the brain. Ischemic stroke is more common and about 87 percent of all stroke cases are usually this type. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs due to the breakage of a damaged or ruptured blood vessel. While this type of stroke is rarer, it is the deadlier type.

The researchers pointed out that consuming the daily requirement of vitamin C regularly can reduce the risk of stroke, particularly, hemorrhagic stroke.

A research published in British Medical Journal in 1995, a study in University of Cambridge and another research conducted in University of East Anglia, all prove that women who have higher amounts of vitamin C and flavonoids in their body are 19 percent less likely to develop stroke.

It is recommended that people consume fruits rich in vitamin C and maintain the levels of this important vitamin. The daily requirement of this vitamin for men is 90 milligrams per day while it is 75 milligrams for women.

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