Here’s a Bright Way to Lower Your Blood PressureHandful of pills, jail-like diet, torturous workout and expensive herbs that can make you go bankrupt… aren’t these the traditional treatment options we hear about to lower blood pressure?

But a new study reveals a much simpler, completely free, enjoyable and easy way to bring about an extremely positive effect on your blood pressure.

A new study has revealed that you can bring down your blood pressure simply by spending time in a certain environment that requires no pills, potions, or diets.

This research was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology and it reveals how sun exposure affects the levels of nitric oxide in the body.

You see, nitric oxide is an important signaling molecule that protects different organs. An increase in nitric oxide levels results in the lowering of blood pressure.

Many organs get affected by increased blood pressure and if something as simple as exposing yourself to the sun can lower it, it is definitely worth looking into.

In the study, 24 participants were subjected to two 20-minute exposures to UV light from tanning lamps and the exposure amount was set to match the same effect of standing in the sunlight for 30 minutes in Southern Europe. Tanning beds and prolonged exposure to direct, midday sunlight can be unsafe, so there is a bit of controversy in this practice.

The researchers studied the effect of the UV light exposure in the volunteers. Interestingly, they found that exposure to UV light definitely made a difference. The blood vessels dilated, nitric oxide levels increased and the blood pressure dropped.

Of course, the drop in blood pressure was small, but it definitely proves that sunlight can help in lowering the blood pressure. The results of this study also correlate with the fact that blood pressure changes in response to the seasons. In fact, blood pressure tends to be high in the winter and low in summer.

The researchers, however, emphasize that those who already have high blood pressure cannot expect a miracle cure just by standing in the sunlight. And, due to radiation, caution should be made when using sunlamps, as too much UV radiation can be harmful to the skin.

Sunlight might not be a permanent cure for high blood pressure. And there is an even simpler way to treat high blood pressure than seeking sun. Our 3 easy exercises have been proven extremely effective, even for people who have had high blood pressure for years and nothing has helped. Learn more and test-drive the exercises here…