10 Second Trick to Eliminate Acid RefluxA burning sensation in the throat and chest and indigestion… sound familiar? But you don’t have to reach out for antacids every time.

No… instead there is a simple, 10 second trick. It’s so simple you wouldn’t usually think of it as cure or solution.

But it can completely eliminate acid reflux on the spot. And it won’t cost you a dime.

Heartburn is caused by many things – eating oily foods, overeating, not getting enough physical exercise and unhealthy lifestyle or bacterial infection. The excess production of gastric juices is the culprit, but it is quite simple to treat heartburn.

The simplest and easiest way is to drink a glass of cold water. It stabilizes the body fluids and soothes the burning sensation in the throat and chest. Be sure not to drink water that is too cold, and also make sure that you go for a walk after drinking water. It really helps!

Another good idea is to make it a regular habit to drink a glass of cold water just before you go to sleep. This helps in the digestion process and controls the production of acid in the stomach.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid acidic food, oily and spicy food. All of these food types can cause acidity problems.

Do you have the habit of drinking a glass of milk or any other cold beverage just before you sleep? Actually, it might not be a good idea. A glass of milk might provide short term relief but what actually happens is that the fat content in the milk increases heartburn instead of controlling it.

If you have severe heartburn, another solution is to add a spoon of baking soda to a glass of cold water and drink it. The alkali in the soda neutralizes the acids and controls heartburn.

However, this remedy is not recommended for people with high blood pressure or pregnant women. Soda tends to cause water retention in the body and this is not advisable in these circumstances.

If drinking water is not enough to cut down your acid reflux, check out this simple remedy that takes only 5 minutes to prepare. It slashes heartburn on the spot…