This Tiny Change Cures Snoring and Sleep ApneaMost people diagnosed with sleep apnea are sentenced to lifelong use of CPAP Masks while sleeping.

But according to a Finnish research, getting 80% improvement in sleep apnea is a relatively simple task.

We know that weight loss has many benefits. The great news is that it greatly improves sleep apnea with as little as 5 percent reduction in total body weight.

Being overweight is one of the major risk factors associated with sleep apnea. In fact, nearly 70 percent of people with sleep apnea are obese. Similarly, being overweight increases the chances of developing sleep apnea nearly 10 times.

As you can see, it all works down to body weight.

In the study conducted by the Finnish researchers, 57 moderately obese people with mild sleep apnea problems were assigned to exercise and diet routines while others in the study were instructed about the general benefits of a proper diet and regular exercises.

All the patients were followed-up on a regular basis and it was discovered that those who had achieved at least 5 percent reduction in body weight showed significant improvement in sleep apnea. Those who continued to lose a healthy amount of weight had an amazing 80 percent reduction in the condition.

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