The main problem with curing your High Blood Pressure is that it’s completely invisible.

You can’t picture or draw high blood pressure like you can with obesity or arthritis.
There are no obvious symptoms like you have with type 2 diabetes or dementia.

One moment you’re completely fine, and the next…
Poof!!! You’re having a stroke or heart attack.

What causes high blood pressure is even trickier to grasp…almost like having to describe what shape smoke is. Genetics, diet, lack of exercise, aging… all only tell part of the story. We all know someone who ate like a pig, smoked, and considered squeezing beer cans as a good workout – but never had high blood pressure.

That’s why we hired a graphic designer to draw up a simple picture for you of high blood pressure, what causes it, and how to cure it in 9 minutes.

It’s AMAZING how something so elusive, came into such clarity with just a few images.

Click the picture to access printable PDF version:

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