This Tiny Rise in Blood Pressure KillsYour blood pressure (BP) can place you into one of three health categories.

If your BP is 120/80 mmHg, your blood pressure is normal. Higher than that to 140/90, you are pre-hypertensive. Above that, though, and you have high blood pressure and need to take serious action.

One question that the medical community has been investigating, is how much can blood pressure rise without putting you at risk of heart failure hospitalization or death?

Their discovery will surprise you!

To answer this question, American researchers examined the medical records of 5,280 patients enrolled in the previously performed Jackson Heart Study.

What did they find?

1. On average, for every 10 mmHg increase in systolic blood pressure, their risk of death increased by 12% and hospitalization due to heart failure increased by 7%.

2. Also for every extra 10 mmHg, those under the age of 60 were 26% more likely to die, while this risk dropped to 9% for participants over 60 years old.

The difference in risk between early seniors and older ones was attributed to a slightly higher tolerance of increased systolic pressure in older adults. However, there is still a significant risk to all age groups with higher-than-normal readings.

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