These Berries Are The King Of Blood Pressure ReductionA certain berry has been criticized as too high in calories, or too expensive, as the reason it isn’t eaten more.

And yet study after study routinely turn up with evidence of incredible power held in as little as a half a cup of these beautiful gems.

…even so powerful, they’ve been called “The King of Blood Pressure Reduction!”

When we publish articles that highlight a benefit of blueberries, we frequently get responses from people who are concerned about the number of calories contained in them.

It is true that a cupful of blueberries contains approximately 85 calories. However, most recommended serving sizes are about a half a cup, which is closer to 45 calories.

Compared to bananas and apples, blueberries are pretty economical in the calorie department.

They also pack a whopping 1.8 grams of fiber per half cup serving, which is the key for those trying to reduce sugar (diabetics) or increase fiber (high cholesterol sufferers).

The most amazing feature, though, is the chemical called pterostilbene. This powerful chemical has long been known to reduce not only high systolic readings (the top number in blood pressure), but also diastolic numbers for those whose diastolic exceeds 90 mm/Hg.

In addition, they:

– improve cholesterol levels

– show positive effect on type 2 diabetes

– boost your immune system

– reduce inflammation

…and more, and more, and more. Blueberries are even one of the few things proven to improve glaucoma.

One problem that arises, though, is that drug companies can’t just let people have their berries and eat them to. According to research done by the University of Mississippi’s School of Pharmacy, a synthetic version of pterostilbene, called pTeroPure®, has been developed to give users the chemical without having to actually EAT the blueberries.

Blueberries are the safe and natural way to get the chemical into your bloodstream (provided you don’t have an allergy), because they naturally provide just the right amount to be effective but not dangerous.

The chemical pTeroPure®, however, was shown in the trials to increase LDL in participants in high doses. This is the opposite of what you want to do to improve your health. It is HDL that is the good cholesterol, not LDL.

Yes, fresh, raw blueberries can be expensive, but frozen ones aren’t completely devoid of nutrient benefits and keep longer than those in the produce aisle.

For dropping high blood pressure, and keeping cholesterol-fighting fiber in your system, blueberries really do rule.

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