This Seed Lowers High Blood Pressure 15 PointsResearchers looking to see if a specific type of seed had any effect on blood pressure were surprised recently – not by the fact that it helps to lower blood pressure – but by just how much.

We’re talking 15 points, which is more than most dangerous blood pressure medications can do.

And without any side effects!

Scientists looked at 2 groups- those that consumed 30 grams of milled flaxseed daily with meals and those that took a placebo.

The group that was consuming the placebo saw a slight increase in their systolic (top) blood pressure number, and no significant change at all in the diastolic reading in the 6-month trial.

But the group that consumed the flaxseed every day for the 6 months saw an average drop of at least 15 mm/Hg systolic, and even 8mm/Hg diastolic.

The results are believed to be due to an extremely powerful antioxidant, alpha linoleic acid, which is naturally present in flaxseeds.

For many years, the benefits of flaxseeds were disputed, largely by drug makers, that purported that the seeds were of no real benefit because as soon as the seeds are milled or ground, their nutritive benefit disappeared rapidly and that any actual health changes were due to placebo effect and not really the seeds themselves.

The recently released study debunks the ‘worthless seed’ myth, with better results than the most commonly prescribed blood pressure medications.

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