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Eat This Sugary Food to Improve Type 2 Diabetes

Fruits and vegetables shoppingOne of the never ending debate about type 2 diabetes is about the consumption of fruits.

All moms tell their children to eat our fruits and vegetables. But at the same time, we know that fruits are loaded with sugar – the worst enemy of type 2 diabetes.

A new study sheds some light on this issue and spotlights one type of fruits best for type 2 diabetes – a whopping 26% reduction in type 2 diabetes risk if you consume this fruit regularly.

But you have to eat it in a specific way for it to be effective.

The study following more than 187,000 people for more than 5 years looked at fruit consumption in not only how much of a certain kind of fruit was consumed, but also how it was consumed.

The results showed that the fruits contributing the most to the reversal of type two diabetes were blueberries (26% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes if you eat blueberries regularly), followed by apples, pears, and grapes.

However, the study also showed that while juicing the berries and other fruits was effective in improving type 2 diabetes, eating the entire fruit and not discarding skin or fleshy matter was more than 10 times as effective.

Fruits contain very high amounts of critical fiber, which is largely eliminated from consumption when the fruit is juiced as opposed to being eaten.

This causes the sugars to have a more concentrated effect in the blood since there is no fiber to balance the sugar consumption.

For best results, a half cup to a cup of fresh, raw fruit is recommended 3 times per day for optimum health benefits, as long as you are not discarding the fiber before you swallow it.

But eating fruits / blueberries regularly is probably not enough to cure type 2 diabetes once it develops.

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  1. David Etherington says:

    One useful tip is to do the research yourself if you are type 2 diabetic and want to eat fruit because there is some variation between individuals. If you use your blood sugar monitor you can actually see which ones work and which ones do not. With me, the citrus fruits, pears and cherries work best. Fruit juices do not work at all, and, when you think about it, eating the whole fruit limits consumption. When the fruit juice boasts of the juice of 12 whole oranges, people need to think that this means your system is getting that in one giant shot – no wonder it can cause problems. I found when I became type 2 that a lot of foods were trial and error. The surprise one was starchy foods that sent my blood sugar high and kept it high for hours.

  2. Dianne Smith says:

    I don't agree that eating or juicing blueberries, apples, grapes, etc help prevent Diabetes 2. I have eaten these fruits and berry most of my life but still got diabetes 2. I continue to use them and other natural vitamins & herbs to control diabetes 2; thus the eating of the above things may assist in some control but I do not think they will prevent diabetes 2. I think more so, they build your immune system and for that reason I continue to include them regularly in my diet.

  3. Shells Sealover says:

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