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When Aspirin For Heart Attack Prevention Is NOT A Good Idea

Ill Woman Taking Aspirin Pills.HeadacheFor the last decade or two we’ve been strongly advised and encouraged by most physicians to use Aspirin as a preventative measure from heart attacks.

But according to a recent review-study, the risk of taking Aspirin outweighs the benefits… at least for some of us.

Aspirin is widely prescribed to people with a history of heart attack and stroke.

These conditions, as well as various other cardiovascular diseases, cause the hardening of the arteries, resulting in blood clot formation.  Aspirin helps to dissolve blood clots, preventing further complications.

According to some, misleading propaganda has led aspirin to become a panacea for heart-related diseases, cancer and overall health.

In order to clarify conflicting messages about aspirin use, UK researchers decided to make a thorough analysis of 9 randomized controlled trials; a total of 27 studies.

And there was good news and bad news…

Good news: the results of the analysis linked regular aspirin use to the prevention of 33 to 46 deaths from any cause in 10,000 study participants over the period of 10 years.

Not so good news: However, there were also reported 46 to 49 fatal bleeds and 68 to 117 gastrointestinal bleeds within the same 10-year period in the same 10,000 people.

Researchers summarize that taking aspirin regularly boosts the risk of stomach bleeding for 37 percent and hemorrhagic stroke for 38 percent.

Taking all into consideration we can clearly conclude that there is no sensible reason for healthy individuals to take aspirin for health-improving benefits.

There are much more effective and safer ways to improve your health and prevent cardiovascular disease without dangerous side effects.  Exercising, keeping a healthy lifestyle and diet is an excellent way to ensure great health for many years to come.

A few years back, my doctor informed me that my main heart arteries were 90% clogged, I had more blood cholesterol than a Big Mac, and I should check myself in for heart surgery TODAY.

Being stubborn and wanting control over my own outcomes, I decided to change my diet and lifestyle instead. Here is the step-by-step measure I took to become the heart-healthy individual I am today…

However, if high blood pressure is your main concern, here is the quickest way to get it down … as soon as today…


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  1. The links dont work properly. The link to "…step-by-step measures to become a heart-healthy individua…" lesds instead to an article on weight loss. The link to '3 exercises for reducing BP' leads only to a hard sell for the product, not the product itself. I would suggest that if a certain link leads to a sales pitch, it should say so in the link. That would be the ethical way of going about it.

  2. must agree with Gopal Rao;
    lately it seems that some of your researchers are more interested in promoting income than good healthy eating/living these articles that lead to a sales pitch are not appropriate for site such as yourselves without a notice at the start that no real information is given out; just a sales pitch at the end: rather a waste of time don’t you think . Would love to see more articles with the emphasis on good healthy eating in conjunction with drinking good water.

  3. I take 81mg of Aspirin daily with my blood pressure pill.

  4. It is now very clear. There is no reason for a healthy individual to take aspirin as prophylaxis against MI.

  5. i know how to reduce weight walk 7 km.. sleep 7 hours min.. tv.. mobile accept salads as lunch .. dinner

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