This Herb Lowers Blood Pressure 12 Points

Garlic Lowers Blood Pressure 12 PointsHigh blood pressure is a disease that affects as many as 25% of the world’s population, but can be controlled with a simple, cheap herb that grows in almost every climate on earth.

A simple, delicious (some say) herb that is used in cuisines of almost every country around the globe is found, yet again, to be a wonderful weapon in the fight to end stubbornly high blood pressure.

Garlic, which is used in practically every type of diet from vegan to carnivorous, was recently proven again to be effective in reducing high blood pressure for a group of study participants at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

While ingesting natural, raw garlic in food sources has historically been the most effective in making use of the tremendous anti-oxidant power of the bulb, the study showed that taking it in supplement form as a capsule of dried powder was also effective.

The researchers looked at 80 participants whose blood pressure was considered to be “medication resistant” and found that the group who took a placebo had no change in their blood pressure during the course of the study.

The group who took the garlic supplement, however, saw a drop of a whopping 12 mm/Hg systolic on average, which is more than many people see even when they take medication.

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  1. Yes, I have heard much about garlic being an aid to reduce elevate b/p. The latest information regarding thefight against cancer cells is raw garlic (must be raw) clove twice a week.

  2. Garlic is a blood thinner, it is as simple as that. I have tried it. When I take blood thinners, I get nose bleeds almost every time I blow my nose. The question you must ask yourself (and your doctor) if it affect the blood vessels in your nose, how about the blood vessels in your BRAIN!?! that is called a STROKE! So there is a HUGE downside risk! NOT FOR ME!!!!! Same goes for CIALIS and baby aspirin!! They are all blood thinners, that is why they work!!

  3. My father used garlic, valerian, avoided salt, took some medication and still had a stroke at 57 in an episode of dangerously high BP after exertion.

    Twelve points with garlic in the article doesn’t seem like a “whopping” decline when BP is already dozens of points too high.

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