arthritis heart healthMost of us wouldn’t put an equal sign between arthritis and cardiovascular health. After all, one bothers the joints where the other is all about the arteries. No connection right?

Or is it possible that having arthritis leads almost unavoidably to heart attack? According to a collection of studies out of the Mayo Clinic, the answer is a most definite ‘yes.’

In a number of recent studies out of Mayo Clinic, researchers looked at the risk of developing heart disease and other complications such as high blood pressure as a result of having arthritis.

What the doctors found was that arthritis and heart disease are very closely linked. Where one is found, almost always the other will be present.

They also found that as the severity of a person’s arthritis increased, so too did the severity of the heart disease.

Many factors were considered, chief among them the problem with inflammation. Severity of arthritis depends upon the severity of the body’s inflammatory response and how willing it is to harm its own tissues.

Joints are not the only tissues affected, as researchers found. People who have RA and other inflammation diseases are twice as likely to develop heart disease as those who don’t. This evidence is now seen as arthritis being a very strong predictor of heart trouble later in life.

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