Bad Smelling High Blood Pressure Cure

Who doesn’t love an easy fix for high blood pressure, especially when it makes you laugh (and we’re NOT talking about laughing therapy)?

The embarrassing nature of an accidental release of gas, or “breaking wind” is what some would describe as a stressful, anxiety-riddled accident.

However, the gas that gives flatulence it’s ‘stink’ factor has recently been discovered to actually be beneficial to blood vessel health.

Researchers at John’s Hopkins University, for whatever reason, studied the enzyme that produces hydrogen sulfide. This is one of several gasses that make up flatus but is the key culprit in the rotten egg smell of a ‘toot.’

The enzyme, however, was found to relax blood vessels. When it is actively doing that, the enzyme releases the hydrogen sulfide gas.

Chinese researchers “got wind of it” (had to use the pun…sorry) and decided to work on a way to harness the gas for use in a clinical application to reduce blood pressure in humans after seeing the effects hydrogen sulfide gas had on mice.

It’s not known at this time how they plan to introduce the gas into human physiology synthetically.

So the next time you stress out for ‘letting one go,’ try to remember that some healthy, relaxed blood vessels likely played a part.

Even if this is not a great scientific cure for high blood pressure, at least I hope this article brought up a smile. And laughter has definitely been proven to lower blood pressure 😉

Or, avoid smell altogether and try our easy exercises for high blood pressure that don’t stink at all…

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  1. I find it really funny and comment to my husband who also laugh, we both work hard specially him on high temperatures and dangerous gasses to breath, he is a first class welder and he got the freedom to fart and no one will listen or smell him. That is a privilege that I do not have I work as nurse and have to keep up the appearances, I not have that kind of freedom, so I keep a low calorie diet, and not much water, because have no time to breakfast & lunch well, only diner I can enjoy at home made by me.
    I like onions & garlic, lemon juice, and tomatoes on my dinner.I decided to try this product Probiotia, and find it amazing, now is time to my husband to do so and I will tell his results for sure so positive.

  2. I actually experience relief when i pass gas. Now i realized people who.pass gas often are healrhy.ö

  3. is this a load of hot air

  4. That should evearyone feel alittle better about that natural event.

  5. that is a wonderful discovery

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