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The Best Exercises For High Blood Pressure

Exercises For High Blood PressureWhen it comes to lowering blood pressure we have all been told that exercising is an important factor.

But what are the best exercises for High Blood Pressure?

Researchers from Michigan University and the American Heart Association decided to put three different types of exercises to the test. And the results are revealed in today’s article.

After investigating thousands of different studies of alternative ways to tackle blood pressure, the researchers highlighted three specific kinds of physical exercises proven to drastically lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

These exercises work by improving blood vessel activity and lowering sympathetic nervous system (SNS) reaction, thus contributing to lowering blood pressure.

Here are these three most powerful physical exercises verified by the researchers listed in order of their effectiveness.

1) Aerobic exercises and endurance training.

Many studies have proven that aerobic exercises are the most effective type of physical activity to lower blood pressure.

They strengthen and tone the heart. The stronger the heart is, the less effort it takes to pump blood. Therefore, the force on the arteries is significantly decreased, resulting in lower blood pressure.

These powerful exercises include dancing, swimming, cycling, running and fast walking. If you want to get the maximum benefits, perform these activities 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes at moderate intensity.

2) Resistance exercises or weight lifting.

For quite some time weight lifting was considered to be harmful for blood pressure due to the rapid and abrupt activity of an exercise.

However, according to the investigators, weight lifting is listed as second in effectiveness to lower blood pressure only to aerobic exercises.

Weight lifting helps build up muscle and therefore makes you and your heart stronger. With more lean muscle mass, you need less effort for your everyday tasks. You don’t need to strain your heart as much, and as a result you will have lower blood pressure.

Another important benefit of weight lifting is its ability to improve insulin sensitivity. High levels of insulin cause salt retention, which leads to fluid withholding, resulting in high blood pressure.

Studies have revealed that the more muscle mass used during weight lifting work out, the better the blood pressure response.

It is recommended to do weight training at least two to three times weekly for 25 to 30 minutes, using eight to ten different muscle groups.

3) Isometric Exercises.

Isometric exercises are the type of exercise where the muscles don’t move much during the exercise. For example, squeezing a rubber ball or pressing against a wall.

Because of how simple and easy these exercises are, the amazing effect they have on high blood pressure has really surprised researchers.

Just four weeks of exercising by squeezing a ball impressively lowered blood pressure 10% In both systolic and diastolic measurements.

It is easy to perform this exercise. You will need either athletic grippers or any kind of rubber ball, like a tennis ball (both found in all sporting good shops).

Squeeze the ball and hold for 5 seconds and then let go. Repeat for a few minutes.

The research reports the recommended routine for blood pressure-lowering results is 15 minutes at least 3 times a week for a period of eight to twelve weeks.

I highly recommend practicing any kind of physical exercise and workouts – preferable on a daily basis.

The most effective exercises to lower blood pressure, however, require absolutely no physical effort. Anyone can do them no matter what age group you belong to or your physical state.

These exercises were specifically designed to lower blood pressure – and have been proven to help most people reach the target goal of 120/80 within a week…sometimes even the very first day.

Learn more about these powerful blood pressure exercises and test-drive them online here…

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  1. i do workouts 3 to 4 times a week – mainly gym bicycle, abs exercises , weights and swimming. these has reduce my bp pretty drastically.. hope it works for others too,

  2. High blood pressure is caused by the lack of elasticity in the blood vessels. It doesn’t matter how :”hard the heart has to work” to pump blood around your body. A stronger heart may work less, but the pressure is still the same. Lower pressure will make the heart work less, but the heart working less won’t drop blood pressure.

  3. It does work …my blood pressure is back to normal doing all the recommendations above. !!!! No more pills !!!!

  4. Commented for the good information. I will make sure that I put this into practice and see the outcome vis-à-vis my blood pressure.

  5. Commented for the good information. I will make sure that I put this into practice and see the outcome vis-à-vis my blood pressure. Thanks.

  6. The best exercise to lower blood pressure is doing something that one likes. Lloyd is correct in what he says about the physiology but, taking the subject a little further if you do something you feel relaxed with there is more chance of that exercise being beneficial and lowering your blood pressure than doing something on a whim, for instance something you have read about and feel obliged to do, this is unlikely to lower your blood pressure.Do something that relaxes you and shows a reward, such an exercise would be gardening and such..

  7. Interesting. Good to read. Backed up by research

  8. Hi. Thanks for the article and info. I agree the exercise is one of the missing ingredients resulting in poor health. I read articles that highlight that exercise and nutrition are the requirements for good health and neither can replace the other.
    Serrapeptase will clean plaque from the blood vessels and increased vitamin C for Collagen will keep the blood vessels supple so that lipoprotein A is not needed to patch the cracks. Niacin will expand the blood vessels and also lowers cholesterol. Alive by Nature’s Way [no investment] is a good whole food nutrient that will clear up a lot of health problems.
    But I so agree about exercise and the three types give us options to apply in almost any situation. Thanks so much for these articles and teaching us how to get and stay healthy.
    Have a great day!

  9. I would like to know how yoga rates in lowering blood pressure. I know yoga helps you learn to breathe right. 🙂

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