Cholesterol and Eggs: the Truth Revealed!

cholesterol_eggsMany of the healthiest diet plans today list eggs as a recommended source of protein to replace red meat, poultry and other animal sources.

But for years, eggs have been pegged as the “bad guy” for high cholesterol and nutritionists had, for decades, warned against the consumption of more than 2 eggs per week.

So what is the truth? Are eggs good or bad for you? A groundbreaking study from University of Grenada may finally have cracked the truth out of the eggs.

According to new research, eating more eggs doesn’t have a negative impact on serum cholesterol, which is good news for those whose diets include a daily serving of eggs.

The research suggests that the key risk factor to developing a problem with cholesterol is the unhealthy and prolonged intake of trans and saturated fats. Fried and fatty processed foods, say experts, pose a much greater risk than eggs ever could.

What’s more, serum cholesterol was unaffected for egg-eaters regardless of physical activity, while people who were the largest consumers of red meat saw the worst cholesterol numbers.

Benefits of eating eggs have been well established, as their nutritive power is vast.

Besides being protein powerhouses, eggs are a key source of magnesium, vitamin A, potassium, and calcium.

They are also high in choline, which is critical in brain function. And everyone needs more antioxidants; eggs have two powerful ones – lutein and zeaxanthin.

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  1. You can’t be serious when listing saturated and trans fats in the same category.Even discredited gurus like Ancel Keys knew enough to separate them. If you wish to control your weight you have to switch to saturated fats [but don't reheat and reheat them]. The body uses saturated fats, It stores fats from other sources so you gain weight. etc.
    However good to see eggs exonerated, again. At least some misinformation is getting put away.
    Cholesterol is another. Cholesterol is vital to cell life and the brain. Low cholesterol is dangerous.

  2. well if U have ways to cure Type 2 diabetes the I have a wonderful diet plan wherein u don`t require any medication.

  3. It is GMO that has destroyed food supplies. Rebel against GMO. Tell Politicians to stay out of food production.

  4. Beautiful family picture. I visited India in November 1989. I have type 2 diabetes and am not on medication. I have been using cinnamon, vanadium, and fenugreek to address it. My regular blood sugar has been between 100 and 120 for many years. However, in the last 2 months my blood sugar has been creeping up and in the last 2 weeks has been in the area of 150-160 except for once it was at 120. Chromium seems to have no effect on it. I also take Magnesium & zinc. Do you recommend anything else?

  5. Thanks for asking this question. Try to minus all carbohydrates from your diet, take skimmed milk and a bit of protein for a week. Fenugreek should be enough – only a pinch of the powder form, once in the morning preferably empty stomach and once before going to bed. Try this .

  6. I have been eating three (3) eggs, usually fried in butter, every morning for more than 40 years. I am 70. All blood tests always come back normal for hdl, ldl, cholesterol, c-reactive protein. I do try not to eat to many sweets and junk food but I am not a monk about these foods. I do believe that high carb foods (candies, cookies cakes or any food with a lot of sugar are a big cause of blood tests for HDL and LDL being out of wack. I am very active, golf swim walk exercise most days. I also take a variety of supplements. So enjoy your eggs, it is a very NB food.

  7. In regards to whether eggs are good for you or not. My father was a poultryman.
    during the depression we ate many eggs. I am 94 now and in good health

  8. In the mid 80s, I came across a piece of research by the University of Guelph where they fed egg yolks to rats and found they excreted more cholesterol than was contained in the yolks. That could be interpreted to mean that they lowered rather than raised cholesterol. I stopped worrying about eating eggs.

    And anyway, the identification of foods allegedly contributing to heart disease is based entirely on the perception that they raise cholesterol whereas cholesterol as a predictor of CRD is totally unreliable. In spite of all the drug company hype that supports the sale of $20 billion worth of Lipitor and other drugs annually, the correlation between cholesterol and heart disease is little better than random. I have resisted my doctors’ persuasion to take cholesterol lowering drugs for 30 years and am still upright. Given the bad news that is now trickling through about the adverse effects of these drugs, I feel vindicated. I try to eat a little of the widest variety of foods including red meat and maybe four eggs a week. I am in my mid eighties and active and take no medication at all.

  9. As a Hungarian I have not met and even found in my dictionaries or on the Wikipedia these two ideas as 'choline' and 'fenugreek'. Would you so kind as to define the core meaning of these words for me?

  10. Go on a low GI Diet if you want to avoid type 2 (late onset) diabetes.

    Check out The GI Diet Plan by Helen Foster – it explains the science behind the diet as well as gives you easy recipes to follow via @

  11. I enjoy poached eggs and salmon twice a week if possible

  12. i hope those researcher were right this time

  13. supplementing my protein from eggs I also noticed that my skin elasticity improved a lot with glow & younger looking skin try them

  14. hello & I've a good news for migraine & spasmodic headaches sufferers I've developed a topical natural cream that can be applied on the forehead and clear the symptom within 10 minutes. It's a recipe that I developed from my grandmothers practices for headaches, cuts,rushes & bruises therefore for anyone whom have some interest my contact me.

  15. I agree with many of the comments above. Reserach after reserch shows it is CRP and Inflamation that cause heart attacks not cholestorol. Fact only 50% of peaople who have a heart attack have raised cholestorol. Fact 95% of people who have a heart attack have raised CRP levels. I bet most people’s doctors dont even know that. I bet they dont know also that you can normalize CRP levels by taking a Vitamin B Complex supplement with folic acid daily. Much cheaper and safer than taking prescription drugs but hey, what do the doctors and drug companies care about your health? Not a lot ot seems.

  16. On The Subject Of Eggs & Of Course The Misconception That They Raise The Level of Cholesterol, I’m glad at last to see something that puts that to rest, Cholesterol isn’t the Big Bad Bogey that The Pharmaceutical Industry & Medical Profession make it out to be. (I wonder why….say no more)
    It is the rest of a Modern Diet that is mostly to blame for this problem, Too Much Packaged & Tinned Foods, Deep Fried Takeaway and The Lack Of Fresh Ingredients in ones diet are usually the biggest problem. Eat More Fresh Vegetables and Fruit, Wholegrain Breads and Pasta, Brown Rice and do some form of exercise daily (I don’t mean slogging it out at the Gym) but casual walking, riding a bike and mostly getting out into the fresh air.
    With regards to Type Two Diabetes, I agree with those her who speak or write about Type Two Diabetes, there are other ways of overcoming that, I have read Cinnamon, well this is true as those who know will attest, added to that Ginger & Coriander all have a direct interaction with controlling this type of Diabetes.
    However having said that, one should also seek advice from a “Professional Alternative To Medical Practitioner” if one requires assistance in controlling this malady without using Pharmaceutical Drugs.

  17. I have migraine and weather related headaches,will it help?

  18. can you please share the migraine recipe with me at ?

  19. @Dianne Smith : Contact Blue Health and buy their Diabetes Program. I use it and I have completely healed/suppressed Diabetes Type 2. To this, I have added brisk walking every day when going to the office and I have also added juicing raw vegetables. You will not go wrong with it.
    Best regards and all the best,
    Stephen Chege
    United Kingdom

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