Usually when faced with cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol level, most good doctors and natural health experts will recommend several lifestyle changes before jumping on medications.

These lifestyle changes will usually include improved diet, exercising and reducing stress. You may also receive recommendations on good herbs that improve cardiovascular health.

New research from Villanova University however uses none of the above methods. Instead it proves that ONE daily habit, we should be doing anyway, can drastically lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol level.

Between the years 2000 and 2010, researchers studied over 500,000 people with periodontal disease as well as over 200,000 subjects as a control group and found that those who had regular dentist visits/teeth cleanings and no periodontal disease as well as those with treated periodontal disease, had a significantly reduced risk of stroke, versus those with untreated periodontal disease.

In another study, people who brush their teeth and floss regularly, have been shown to have a reduced risk for heart disease, which can cause stroke or heart attack.

Why would simply visiting the dentist regularly (every 6 months) for cleanings and treatment and brushing and flossing one’s teeth prevent heart disease?

Researchers have found links between increased levels of disease-causing bacteria in the mouth and atherosclerosis in the carotid artery (neck).

Clogging of these arteries can cause stroke. Additionally, blocked arteries in other locations of the body can lead to heart attack.

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