Strange Daily Habit Improves High Blood Pressure And Overall Cardiovascular Health

Usually when faced with cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol level, most good doctors and natural health experts will recommend several lifestyle changes before jumping on medications.

These lifestyle changes will usually include improved diet, exercising and reducing stress. You may also receive recommendations on good herbs that improve cardiovascular health.

New research from Villanova University however uses none of the above methods. Instead it proves that ONE daily habit, we should be doing anyway, can drastically lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol level.

Between the years 2000 and 2010, researchers studied over 500,000 people with periodontal disease as well as over 200,000 subjects as a control group and found that those who had regular dentist visits/teeth cleanings and no periodontal disease as well as those with treated periodontal disease, had a significantly reduced risk of stroke, versus those with untreated periodontal disease.

In another study, people who brush their teeth and floss regularly, have been shown to have a reduced risk for heart disease, which can cause stroke or heart attack.

Why would simply visiting the dentist regularly (every 6 months) for cleanings and treatment and brushing and flossing one’s teeth prevent heart disease?

Researchers have found links between increased levels of disease-causing bacteria in the mouth and atherosclerosis in the carotid artery (neck).

Clogging of these arteries can cause stroke. Additionally, blocked arteries in other locations of the body can lead to heart attack.

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  1. There is also a very good chance that those people that visit the dentist regularly and take care of their teeth are more likely to take better care of themselves.

  2. Several months ago in my Consumers Reports on Health,the article on denist claim it was not necessary to have your teeth cleaned every six months. Once you have your cleaning and all your teeth check out good with no cavities you shouldn’t need to visit a denist for another year. There has also been a rise in oral cancer in people that don’t smoke or do snuff. They believe the reason is because of the many X rays the denist insist on. The article claims you shouldn’t have a whole mouth X ray bbut every 3 years and if one tooth is a problem you should make sure they x ray only that tooth. When you move you should have your denal x-rays transfered or copies made for your new dentist,however most dentist won’t except X-rays from another dentist and want their own. Being exposed to X rayys multiple times is believed to being the reason for a rise in cance of the mouth. The article was written by a team of dentist.

  3. For those with blocked arteries from any cause I would recommend taking Serrapetasse. A naturally occurring enzyme that disolves arterial plaque and reduces inflamation.

    Widely prescribed in Germany this enzyme has no reported side effects and can literally transform the lives of those suffering with blocked arteries.

    For more information type Serrapeptasse into your search engine. Robert Redfern who is a contributery o this site has a very good free download explaining how this works. I have used it for 2 years now and it has cleared my arteries completely.

  4. A friend of mine. 58 years old. Diabetic had started on insulin injections. . I told him about “Hydrogen Peroxide” similar to Ozone. He started to use it for mouth rinses. Must rinse for 2 minutes for the oxygen to kill the bacteria. His Gums stopped bleeding. His blood sugar came down so that he went off the Insulin Injections and a lower dose of medication s.

  5. I am going to look this up, Mark. I am very curious as to cost, and availability in the U.S. Good Article, Christian. I am sure you are correct. I can no longer take X-rays, as my bones are in such bad shape already! However, I should take better care of my mouth and gums and teeth! I have always appreciated the sharing of your readers also, Christian, having profited with better help from Blue Heron News, and various comments to your articles. groovy Georgia, tonight

  6. It's good and useful information.

  7. Very useful information. What I like about your articles is that you always go straight to the point. You do not waste readers time with unnecessary additional information.

  8. Very poor article. The title indicates that dental hygiene can improve hypertension and lower cholesterol, but nothing in the body of the text states this. The relationship stated is the link between bacteria in the mouth and arteriosclerosis. There are many causes of hypertension and high cholesterol. Bacteria in the mouth can cause infections surrounding the heart valves, but where is hypertension mentioned?

  9. The number of people that I know, who say a visit to the dentists is a traumatic experience would possibly blow this article completely out of the water. I know that my BP is raised when I sit in the chair before treatment, then raised even more during the treatment, added to that even more after I receive the bill. The Dental Practice Car Park is a good indication of how much money these people make out of dentistry, cars that are usually only a few months old, in the expensive price bracket too.
    As for the rest of the stuff, dental xrays, chemical sprays, plus many other things that we are not privy to could all be counter productive to BP Normality.

  10. Francis Chrysostom

    This is excellent information that is practial and workable

  11. I wondered the same thing, Mark. I have read that flossing and taking regular care of one's teeth is good for your heart health, but I've seen no research (nor nothing in this article) that indicates it has any relationship to hypertension and blood pressure. I can see the possibility, however, that lack of infection in the mouth could increase your overall immune system and that could effect your hypertension. But that is only a conjecture at this point, I do believe.

  12. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham

    One gets stressed when not observing oral hygiene & that causes bacteria to breed along the gums.Both stress & bacteria cause BP & other health problems I guess.Thank you Doc for the rationale article(s).

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