Will we one day soon be replacing blood tests with hair tests to determine cardiovascular health? This isn’t science fiction, but rather science itself.

Researchers have discovered amazing results in testing hair samples for a number one indicator of cardiovascular disease which can result in heart attack and/or stroke.

Researchers in the Netherlands recently published results of hair sample analysis taken from 300 senior citizens.

What they were looking for wasn’t baldness or hair thinning but the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the hair.

Cortisol levels in your body rise when you’re stressed for more than a few minutes. This is, of course, completely normal and safe for a few days but if the stress level (rise in cortisol) lasts for longer, it causes high blood pressure, weakened immune system and many other health hazards.

Researchers have for decades studied cortisol levels in people and linked it to increased risk of heart attack and stroke down the road. The problem is that blood tests only show what the cortisol level is TODAY.

By studying hair samples, researchers could map cortisol levels months back (depending on how long the hair is). This can be likened to reading the rings on a tree. We can see what damage has occurred in the past rather than a single point in time.

Plus grabbing a single thread of hair is much less invasive than taking repeated blood tests.

The very good news is that if your cortisol levels or blood pressure are higher than they should be, there is a simple, easy way to bring them down. Just use these 3 easy exercises to drop your blood pressure below 120/80 as soon as today…