How does one little grain manage to do so much in such a small amount? The focus of today’s feature article will look at a miracle grain and how many people- even those who are gluten-free – can reap the seemingly endless benefits of it.

Can one food really lower blood pressure, reduce high cholesterol, and even eliminate type 2 diabetes? It can, and does, every day.

Many of the ailments we see that are causing widespread suffering are due to either too much of the wrong kinds of food, not nearly enough of the right kinds, or a combination of both.

One food staple that people need to make sure to get enough of to combat both these problems is oats.

This little grain is a wonderment. It is packed with the very nutritive benefits that are proving to be the most effective at eliminating some of the most devastating and stubborn diseases in the world today.

What is it that makes oats so effective? Let’s look at what they do for us.

They lower blood pressure:

Oats are an excellent source of magnesium. Magnesium is absolutely critical for vascular, muscle, and digestive health. Many studies are emerging that show a deficiency in magnesium directly causes high blood pressure and even irritable bowel syndrome. Increase consumption of magnesium and you may effectively cure these issues.

Another mineral that is essential to heart and vascular health is zinc. Deficiencies in this nutrient account for many heart disease-related visits to the doctor every year. Increasing zinc intake through food sources is shown to lower blood pressure even when taking capsules doesn’t help.

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They improve the balance between HDL and LDL cholesterol:

Oats are an incredible source of dietary fiber, which is not only completely lacking in Western diets, but also completely critical for the metabolism of fats in the diet. Scientists have long known that oats and other forms of soluble and insoluble fiber are the best weapons in the fight against plaque-causing cholesterol.

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They might be the easiest, least expensive cure for diabetes:

Beta glucans eliminate inflammation- inflammation that leads to beta cells in the pancreas failing to do their job in producing insulin. Inflammation also leads to insulin resistance. Oat beta glucan has been shown to directly cause a decrease in the inflammation that causes diabetes.

Additionally, the journal Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology released a study that showed participants had an increased insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control after just 4 weeks on a diabetic-appropriate diet that also included oats.

Oat beta glucan has also been shown to increase Peptide Y-Y, a powerful appetite control hormone. Keeping the appetite in check helps to eliminate a risk factor for becoming diabetic, which is obesity.

Oats are also very high in thiamin, or vitamin B1. This vitamin is critical in the metabolism of carbohydrates for energy. There is some data emerging that shows people with insulin resistance have lower levels of thiamin in their blood.

Gluten free varieties help celiac disease sufferers to get necessary grain-based fiber and other nutrients they can’t get because of eliminating other whole grains.

Find a type of whole oat that works for you and include it every day in what you eat. Avoid the use of ‘quick oats’ as these are highly processed and full of sodium. This doesn’t help with blood pressure or inflammation. The whole, un-kilned version is the best and can be found at health food markets or online.

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