This One Grain Lowers Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Cures Type 2 Diabetes

How does one little grain manage to do so much in such a small amount? The focus of today’s feature article will look at a miracle grain and how many people- even those who are gluten-free – can reap the seemingly endless benefits of it.

Can one food really lower blood pressure, reduce high cholesterol, and even eliminate type 2 diabetes? It can, and does, every day.

Many of the ailments we see that are causing widespread suffering are due to either too much of the wrong kinds of food, not nearly enough of the right kinds, or a combination of both.

One food staple that people need to make sure to get enough of to combat both these problems is oats.

This little grain is a wonderment. It is packed with the very nutritive benefits that are proving to be the most effective at eliminating some of the most devastating and stubborn diseases in the world today.

What is it that makes oats so effective? Let’s look at what they do for us.

They lower blood pressure:

Oats are an excellent source of magnesium. Magnesium is absolutely critical for vascular, muscle, and digestive health. Many studies are emerging that show a deficiency in magnesium directly causes high blood pressure and even irritable bowel syndrome. Increase consumption of magnesium and you may effectively cure these issues.

Another mineral that is essential to heart and vascular health is zinc. Deficiencies in this nutrient account for many heart disease-related visits to the doctor every year. Increasing zinc intake through food sources is shown to lower blood pressure even when taking capsules doesn’t help.

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They improve the balance between HDL and LDL cholesterol:

Oats are an incredible source of dietary fiber, which is not only completely lacking in Western diets, but also completely critical for the metabolism of fats in the diet. Scientists have long known that oats and other forms of soluble and insoluble fiber are the best weapons in the fight against plaque-causing cholesterol.

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They might be the easiest, least expensive cure for diabetes:

Beta glucans eliminate inflammation- inflammation that leads to beta cells in the pancreas failing to do their job in producing insulin. Inflammation also leads to insulin resistance. Oat beta glucan has been shown to directly cause a decrease in the inflammation that causes diabetes.

Additionally, the journal Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology released a study that showed participants had an increased insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control after just 4 weeks on a diabetic-appropriate diet that also included oats.

Oat beta glucan has also been shown to increase Peptide Y-Y, a powerful appetite control hormone. Keeping the appetite in check helps to eliminate a risk factor for becoming diabetic, which is obesity.

Oats are also very high in thiamin, or vitamin B1. This vitamin is critical in the metabolism of carbohydrates for energy. There is some data emerging that shows people with insulin resistance have lower levels of thiamin in their blood.

Gluten free varieties help celiac disease sufferers to get necessary grain-based fiber and other nutrients they can’t get because of eliminating other whole grains.

Find a type of whole oat that works for you and include it every day in what you eat. Avoid the use of ‘quick oats’ as these are highly processed and full of sodium. This doesn’t help with blood pressure or inflammation. The whole, un-kilned version is the best and can be found at health food markets or online.

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  1. I think this is very right and oats certainly worked for me. Until that is, I started to eat oat bran and had an allergic reaction. Is there any other grain, or any way of introducing oats back into my diet?

  2. Join the party! I tried “gluten free” oat flakes. I paid for it with bad reaction. Perhaps it was contamination. However, I wouldn’t try it again.

  3. would this include steel cut oats and would cooking them destroy the blood pressure lowering ability?

  4. For good antioxidant substance try Pycnogenol. This is a bark extract which was used to cure scurvy in the 1800s but has Been found to be beneficial to hundreds of conditions.

  5. I agree totally that Oats do all of the above however getting most people to take any notice and follow a regime of eating oats on a daily basis is “The Real Problem”. In order to get most Children to eat oats they have to be drenched in some kind of sugary syrup of colouring substance, which in itself, defeats the object of the healthy part of eating oats………..?

  6. I lowered my cholesterol eating oat bran in everything I could put it into. No telling what all else I lowered doing this. I also took plant sterol capsules before my 2 heavy meals, 1 if it was fairly normal a meal, and 2 capsules if it was a meal heavy with fats & carbs. This lowered my cholesterol appreciably in a short time, and my next labs came in under the norm. I read a book by Robert E. Kowalski, whose father had heart related problems and high cholesterol, and Robert also had high cholesterol, yet wanted to lower it to a normal low without harmful medications, and as close to a “natural” way as he could. I used his muffin recipe for a very long time, and I still buy oat bran and make the muffins. I grew to like the crunch in his heart healthy muffins, and his book tells how to eat the amount of oat bran which keeps the blood clear of arterial plaque. He also took zinc. I did not, however I see no harm in taking zinc supplements.

    I really liked his writing style, and bought lots of extra books, then found out he raised his children to an older age, and then died from heart related problems. He accomplished his goals, and then some. I miss his books and his online newsletter. He wrote as if he knew who was reading his material. His book title is “The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure” on How to Lower Your Blood Cholesterol by up to 40 Percent Without Drugs or Deprivation, by Robert E. Kowalski. His father was a pharmacist, and he had help with his diet and labs from his heart specialist, and a friend, Dr. Albert A Kattus, M.D. This makes me miss his muffins and the other recipes from his book. It is not so easy to find his books now. georgia, gracious, today!

    Great article, Christian Goodman, a pleasure to read this affirmation of the method I chose for lowering cholesterol. Wish I could get a stronghold on my other ills!

  7. This is a powerful grain. You definitely cannot lose by including it in your diet.

  8. I have kellogs quaker oats in he morn some times or is this not the same as raw oats.

  9. If you are going to eat oats, soak them overnight in water with a little liquid whey (drained from yogurt), or vinegar or lemon juice. Then add the rest of the water and cook. this is a traditional method explained in Sally Fallon’s book “Nourishing Traditions.” The cereal does not get gummy when handled this way. Wish I could eats oats. After a few days of eating oats I break out in hives. Don’t know how common this is. I really like oat scones, but not sure I should even eat them occasionally if I react to them at all.

  10. Cholesterol is the symptom not the problem. We are having an epidemic of dementia in older people but also on younger people as the “high cholesterol” diagnosis is pushed by doctors. The brain needs it. The organs need it. The body needs it. It is not the problem. Just like plaque, it is an indicator. Quite frankly I could not give a damm about my cholesterol. As long as my blood pressure is good, I am fine.

  11. Each time I read this article, I find important facts I missed the last time. I like to use oat bran, however, I buy steel cut oats as they are not as processed, have no added salt, and have more health value than more processed oats. I never eat the packaged instant oats! I like my raw oats added to cold cereal best, however, I seldom eat cold cereal. I do not like cooked oatmeal very much. I like raw oats added to low fat plain yogurt. I do not add sugar either. I just am not fond of sweets, thank goodness, as I like everything else which is not healthy to eat regularly!

    Christian, I like this article. Great job! georgia

  12. I used to eat oats about 3 times a week. Then as I got older my digestive system changed and oats would give me stomach cramps and diarrhea. Now that I am 72 I have trouble with a lot of things I used to eat. Like I am alergic to fruits,vegestables and grains. Been to two digestive specialist who have no answers.My liver enzymes where high and my primary doctor thinks my trouble might be related to the Mirtazapine I take for depression. I am searching for patients who might have similar problems and take Mirtazapine. I have continued to get worse for the past year. If you have any info send me and e-mail at with digestion in the subject line. thanks

  13. I have tried oats in the past but not found them palatable or useful. I noted on another newsletter that you suggest vitamin D will also lower blood pressure. I have taken vitamin D for some years but it does not seem to have helped. Should I increase the dose?.

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