Heart Attack Risk Drastically Cut Using This After Meal Approach

Having a high-fat meal once in a while…even fairly frequently…isn’t as bad as you might think, as long as you follow the meal up with this one simple approach.

Researchers in Japan found that people who are sedentary after having a high-fat meal will have triglyceride and cholesterol spikes that are much higher than people who went for a short walk or lifted light weights following their meals.

They also found that the control over the boost in the triglycerides was better when participants exercised after a meal as opposed to before it.

Triglyceride levels in excess of 150mg/Dl are considered dangerous, and also are cited as the main cause of coronary artery disease, which leads to heart attack.

While most health and wellness professionals will tell you that the best time to exercise is anytime and that you should never be eating that high-fat meal, some doctors say it is worth noting and further study to consider the effects of post-meal exercise on blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

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  1. taking a walk after dinner is so good in so many ways – its healthy, helps clear your mind, lets you appreciate beauty and talk to other people out and about. I love it.

  2. Cesar A. Gonzalez R.

    Park as far away from the restaurant door as possible.
    And as you walk release your self of any methane in the pipeline.
    Don´t be afraid to burp.
    Take you 81 mg. aspirin before bed.
    Sex is also recommended after all the above.

  3. good advice is that after supper walk at least 85 steps you can do it a) in your apartment b)in your garden

  4. There seems to be an obsession on how to avoid dying. The answer surely is by living! There is no one way of doing that so it is in my opinion to suggest that any an all attempts to direct people in the ‘right way’ are designed to mislead and misdirect other people for some form of real or perceived personal benefit. The saying ‘Live and let live’ seems apposite I suggest. Worry less and live longer I suggest is a good motto. Good Health to all!!

  5. Spend some moments alone, with trees and plants and grass and the sunlight, and think of absolutely nothing. If something comes into your mind; let it go, slowly on, and out, of your mind. When you can do this; you can concentrate on “nothing” and keep your mind empty for 5 minutes, then you are on your way to being able to control your mind; anything you think about, you can rid yourself of, and learn to be calm and relaxed. Nothing comes into your mind without your acceptance of it, and you can always release those thoughts which are problematic and discomforting. Try it; it works! Grumbling Georgia, thinks she is working again :0

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