Surprising Way to Cure High Blood Pressure

When we talk about natural, drug-free ways to cure high blood pressure, we generally talk about diet or exercise changes. It’s something we have to deny ourselves of or push ourselves to do.

However, there is one change that people should consider that isn’t diet or work out related at all, but is still 100% natural. And it includes having something most of us like.

The European Journal of Public Health recently reported on a study that looked at over 5,000 people and spanned 6 years.

The study looked at health markers and compared them to socioeconomic indicators as well.

What they found was that people who were the lowest earners, living paycheck to paycheck, had a much higher incidence of high blood pressure when co-morbidities and other variables were accounted for.

It stands to reason that chronically stressing out over money would cause a person’s blood pressure to skyrocket, but in this and similar studies, researchers find that people who earn higher salaries also have better health care and are more likely to make healthy living decisions, anyway.

The true message of this study is that eliminating stress is the number 1 factor in lowering blood pressure. And that we can do no matter what our situation is.

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  1. So true- it’s because medics cannot remove the stress from peoples lives that they are left handing out palliative drugs that only cause secondary health issues in many people.
    OK- some do OK on meds,and good luck to them, but many more suffer because of ths patching over the cracks in our lives,
    Stress is a killer,especially long term- Simple.

  2. They didn’t need to do a study on this,it is common sense that people on lower income are goig to worry more,be more depressed and have higher blood pressure. In fact i had written an article about this last year on facebook. My article was about people who where financially well off lecturing other, who where poor and strugling to make ends meet,to think positive. It is easier to think positive and not worry when you make over $50.00 to $200.00 anually,drive a new expensive car and live in a $250.00 home.

  3. You have to work WITH stress. You can't eliminate it in today's busy world. People with no stress are unusual and probably rare in the western world.

  4. arnt all these different herbs that are adv just a way of making money or are the reducing their value in amount because of marketing ?

  5. These exercises do not deal with eliminating stress. They deal with eliminating the stressful feelings from your body. Yes there is stress all around but it is helpful to learn to cope and get your body to relax and get rid of that pent up stress.

  6. And are you not just like the medical profession creating stress over marginal blood pressure.
    And why should an 84 old woman have the same blood pressure as a 6ft. football jock.
    As it is I have ” white coat” syndrome and your constant harping on achieving below 120 is getting very stressful. I am fit, doing dog agility, not obese, drug free, but I have trouble to acchieve BP below 130, in spite of diet, exercises etc.

  7. to minimize the effect of stress, accept it since it will be always there anyway.

  8. I am not an MD, but over the years, what i understand with all medical personnels I have met had told me that BP of 140/90 is normal and 149/195, they called pre-hypertention and above that is what they consider being Hypertensive.
    Worry about this BP alone is stressful and increases blood pressure.

  9. every day we face stress, but we have to try and relax at times.

  10. a good workout and diet regimen with meditation works wonders.

  11. Dot, don’t worry about it because you’re doing fine. As Kingsley says, a BP of 140/90 is normal.

  12. I think stress is higher because of the internet and cable tv. no one has time for normal activities with friends like before, you know, back in the 60's. Then was a time when simple pleasures were the best. Today you can Youtube the many ways the Earth can be destroyed or watch 1000 channels on cable tv. mostly people talk on cell phones and text more than ever and nobody actually gets in your face and says, howz it going? Most people are paranoid of strangers yet hang out in supermarkets and airports where stranger danger is the norm.

  13. You are kidding? They actually did a survey to find out that people with chronic money issue are likely to be more stressed? Wow, what a discovery!

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