Breakthrough in Type 2 Diabetes Research

While diabetes mellitus type 1 is largely considered to be caused by genetics, scientists have been furiously studying type 2 diabetes and its causes, which are different and elusive.

In some camps, the finger points to inflammation. In others, it is purely diet-driven and considered a metabolic mistake-making factory.

However, a new study at the University of California in Santa Barbara has potentially found the missing link between the two.

Researchers studying the molecular processes of cells involved in the physiology of type 2 diabetes looked at not only cell function, but specifically the different components that make up cells.

By looking at both the genetic factors that cause cell variations and mutations as well as those that are purely environmental or metabolic, scientists used computer models to illustrate how the inflammatory impact of poor diet and environmental insults cause beta cells in the pancreas to malfunction.

Excess amounts of fat and sugar in the blood are the key elements in causing the reactions with the beta cells. Comparing a widely varying genetic makeup, the scientists were able to see that non-genetic cellular malfunctions occur across all the genetic groups.

The finding reinforces previous studies that show how getting diet and inflammation under control will not only reverse type 2 diabetes, but also completely prevent it from occurring in the first place.

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  1. Your findigs about type 2 diabetes are excellant but I still do not agree that their is a cure for diabetes except to keep on swalloing the medicine. Medical professionals have yet to find a cure. You are also just selling your product.

  2. Rafique is wrong. You can cure type 2 diabetes with diet alone. Medical professionals indeed have not found a cure. Medical professionals are as misled as the public is by vested interests.

  3. I haven't eaten one bite of anything I shouldn't have in 30 days. I've lost 10 Lbs. and yet my sugar readings are higher than ever. My Dr has added an additional drug and it still keeps going up. She now wants me to go on insulin.

  4. Try using cinnamon – key in cinnamon + diabetes on Youtube search as in here

    Also turmeric + diabetes as in here

    How to use turmeric

  5. I certainly believe you can get rid of diabetes, I have done it myself thru change of diet and exercise – a whole change in my lifestyle and no more diabetes, my doctor was amazed but congratulated me !

  6. And yes, I use cinnamon and tumeric as well in my diet which works

  7. John can you please prescribe the diet that can control type 2 diabetes Carbohydrate is a fuel for human body and that is the one that spikes sugar level in your body if you reduce or stop the intake of carbohydrates you will keep getting weaker and weaker. My personal experience is that medicine can be reduced if one takes exercise and controlled diet but we cannot eliminate the medicine altogether. Another thing I have experienced there are a lot of things that have no carbohydrates but still they kick your sugar up like black coffee. Fresh fruits are best diet and juices are the worst.

  8. Rafique,
    Look up this link;[hope it works].
    It works on 600calories/day for 8 weeks. The pancreas recovered and of those 11 tested 8 remained diabetes free afterwards.

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