Can Your Nerves Cure High Blood Pressure?

Why do some people weather stressful storms without so much as an increase in their heart rate while others have what seem to be stubbornly persistent high blood pressure reactions?

When the stressful stimuli are the same for both and both live similar lifestyles, the answer may lie deep within the brain.

Researchers in Sweden recently released the results of a study they had done on the brains of mice; specifically as neural activity affects blood pressure and other involuntary function.

They found that a certain kind of nerve bundle in the brain that is located in the hypothalamus, which is affected by thyroid function, can have mutations effect on the cell receptors.

These mutations cause the hypothalamus to have atypical reactions to stimuli that affect involuntary body functions such as the regulation of body temperature hunger/cravings and blood pressure.

The discovery underscores what many dozens of scientists have already discovered, which is that stress in any form will have a great effect on the body’s ability to regulate blood pressure.

Some people are better at resisting the stress reactions, and this discovery shows potentially why others are much more susceptible to negative reactions and hypertension.

The best way to crush stress and drop your high blood pressure below 120/80 as early as today…

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  1. Micheal Cook says:

    There is no doubt that one's diet can not only affect the body, but also the mind. We have seen how children have become hyperactive when they eat certain foods, others suffer terrible allergies. This affect on ones person is not restricted to children but affects us all. Add to that the powerful psychotic medications that are now handed out like candy bars, and we see the results of mental and emotional problems flooding society.
    We have a generation now growing up on the most violent video games, a virtual world where war is everything, and survival is the key; most of tv is filled with the same violence, and the added projected 'freedom' of sexual promiscuity. The naive say, this does not affect people, yet companies spend billions to advertise their products, why do so if it has no affect. The reality is, that affect is seen everywhere in a disintergrating violent, immoral, criminal, greedy society.

    It is inevitable that mental problems would mushroom under such an environment.

    For people are living more and more in a war zone of daily survival, and we know that war and its aftermath has caused many emotional and mental problems, where suicide is common place. Society in general follows that same pattern of traumatic behaviour.
    Living under such conditions brings on many ailments, blood pressure being but just one, it is for the individual to work out how to negotiate through this daily minefield called life. He can only do so, only, if he realises where he is, otherwise he will be crushed by the forces around him. The evidence shows that it is the SYSTEM that is wrong, and until that is changed, it will be a chaotic, polluting, sickly; business as usual for the human family.

  2. Marc C. Frederick says:

    Americans in general are not aware of meditative and breathing
    techniques that have been around for thousands of years. I
    believe they should be taught in school when we are children.
    Doing so could enhance societal function, perhaps taking the
    edge off of the mountains of stress generated by the way we
    live, at least in my opinion!

  3. SWE says:

    My blood pressure spikes especially at night. Up to 190/115
    I am on two pressure tablets ziac. 10mg. And Tritate. 10 mg. each time I go to the dr he adds a new tab.
    Today he added Cyplivac and so it goes on .i would like to go onto
    Natural cures.these tabs have terrible side effects.
    SW E

  4. Jerry cooke says:

    SWE: You didn’t mention your age or weight or if you also have high colesterol and heart rate. Also a history of HBP.Plus,do you smoke? A good doctor should look at the whole picture. Also your diet is very important. Most doctors answer to HBP is drugs which cause terible side effects in which they give you more drugs for the side effects. been there done that.I had to take maters into my own hands or the doctors would have killed me with their drugs. If you smoke –Quit! If U are not willing to do this than you best forget the whole thing and stick with the drugs. Second–if U R overweight than lose it -for every 2 pounds of weight you lose your BP will drop 1 point. Exercise -walk 30 minutes a day to start and slowly increase until you are walking 1 hour everday. Diet–eat more fruts and vegestables and add more potasium to your diet. Stay away from sugar,cokes,diet drinks. instead use green tea,regular un-sweatened tea. Yoguart every day and a low sodium V8 every day. Celery helps,dark chocolate is a winner.More fish and salmon-less beef and pork. deserts only once in a while.cut down on sodium. these are some of the things I had to do to get off the four drugs the doctors had me on. I am now only taking a calcium channel blocker and working on getting off it. Good luck

  5. John says:

    I have had a drug resistant hypertension for several years and saw a heart consultant 10 days ago. I take losartan and moxonodine. He advised me to gradually stop the moxonodine and then to start on methyldopa. Anyway since stopping the moxonodine my BP has dropped back to 140/85 which is the lowest its been for years and during the past 10 days my wife was rushed into hospital with a heart attack so my stress has been high.
    Should I take the new drug or just continue to monitor my BP and see what happens?

  6. Nina Zeleny says:

    To John in the above, it depends on how long you have been off the moxonodine.If its recent i would take the methyldopa and change my lifestyle and diet. What you need is an anti inflammmatory diet, high in omega three fats, no transfat and sugar. Eat celery and bananas as they are high in potassium and magnesium which lowers blood pressure. so does beetroot juice.Dont have more than one coffee. Drink green tea and lots of water. Avoid all white flour products. Use wholemeal breads, brown rice and oats-in other words high fibre.Lots and vegetables. Reduce animal sources of protein. I did this and now my blood pressure rarely rises above 125/85. Meditation also helps in controlling stress and if you believe in a higher power so does prayer. If you google anti inflammatory or dash diet you can find out more. Then as your blood pressure comes down you can go off the medication slowly. All these medications have side effects.It does take self discipline to change one’s lifestyle but you have got to tell yourself that its either a choice between a healthy lifestyle which will make you feel so much better or heart disease and stroke with all the miseries they bring. I hope your wife will be ok and if she is I am sure that a healthy diet will help her too. Good luck and God Bless

  7. Neil says:

    SWE – the only natural way is for a complete lifestyle change with regard to diet and exercise. Jerry has mentioned some of the required changes, but for a totally healthy solution you need to give up meat, fish, eggs and dairy. Sounds dratsic I know, but it is way better than chucking dozens of pills down your throat with all their unpleasant side effects or the ultimate end result if you don’t change things!
    For all the facts on nutrition based way to healthy lifestyle you should read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and also The McDougall Program by Dr John McDougall. Both books are real eye openers and an excellent basis on which to make the necessary changes to your life. I used to be a huge fan of meat and dairy, but have given them up with good results in regards to blood pressure and general energy levels.




  9. KIm Laroche says:

    I have HBP for 8 years now, I got pregnant at 40, and had Toxemea while pregnant and was put on BP medications high dosage through my pregnancy, and my doctor told me I would never get off! I was 60 pounds overweight, but lost 22 and my BP hasnt budged, I exercise like crazy every second day, I dont drink,smoke, and I try to eat semi-healthy! I dont eat alot os sugar, I drink one coffee a day, I do not have anykind of sugary drinks.I drink water,I am on a water pill, and metrophloyl… blood pressure still is not 120/80 its so frustrating1!!What else do I have to freakin do? Why is this happening, I have friends obese and unders o much stress and there blood pressure is fine and they eat like crazy bad foods!!!!

  10. Simon K. Dube says:

    We are victims of ourselves and the surroundings. Sometimes we need to use any space in our yards nomatter how small it is, to plant veggies and fruits!