In a recent study looking at the metabolic domino effect of a diet-caused disease, scientists were able to show that (easily preventable) spikes in this certain acid is linked to increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

For those suffering from gout, a diet-caused disease that is very similar to arthritis, the inflammation and problems that high levels of uric acid cause are even more troubling.

Scientists in the Netherlands recently found that high blood serum levels of uric acid, the key culprit in the widespread inflammation and pain associated with gout, also contribute to a much-increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The ten-year study showed that even after adjusting for co-morbidities like unhealthy triglycerides, obesity, and high blood pressure, those with high uric acid levels were at least 43% more likely to develop diabetes…even as much as 86% in some cases.

Both gout and type 2 diabetes can be reversed using diet and lifestyle modifications, but people suffering from either or both conditions are also heavily marketed to by pharmaceutical companies.

While there are drugs that help symptoms of the diseases, they carry dangerous side effects and do nothing to solve the underlying problems of why the diseases are present in the first place.

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