Researchers have recently released information on what it is about sodium that complicates the problem of high blood pressure.

Not everyone who has hypertension has to watch their salt intake, leading a lot of experts to question the necessity to restrict it for hypertensive patients.

Read on to find out what researchers at Georgia Health Sciences University uncovered to find out if limiting salt will do any good for you…

Why do some people who have high blood pressure benefit from restricting salt intake while other hypertensive people do not?

The blanket order for everyone with high blood pressure- cut the salt- is no longer an easy fix.

Researchers with the Institute of Public and Preventive Health at GHSU recently published results from a study that might unlock the mystery.

Studying the body’s response to stress, specifically its tendency to retain sodium in the bloodstream when under duress, doctors found that people retain as much sodium in their blood as what you’d find in a small order of French fries.

For people whom this affects, it is each and every time they experience very stressful situations, which can be frequently throughout the day if they don’t have way of controlling and managing their stress responses.

Not everyone retains the sodium in the bloodstream during stressful episodes; in fact, it varies greatly within different ethnic groups. What holds true for all groups, though, is that less than half of the hypertensive people studied have this sodium response to stress, which might explain why not everyone benefits from the salt restriction.

The better direction, most experts are starting to understand, is to go after the stress- then salt becomes a non-issue.

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