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High Blood Pressure Salt/Stress Weird Connection

Researchers have recently released information on what it is about sodium that complicates the problem of high blood pressure.

Not everyone who has hypertension has to watch their salt intake, leading a lot of experts to question the necessity to restrict it for hypertensive patients.

Read on to find out what researchers at Georgia Health Sciences University uncovered to find out if limiting salt will do any good for you…

Why do some people who have high blood pressure benefit from restricting salt intake while other hypertensive people do not?

The blanket order for everyone with high blood pressure- cut the salt- is no longer an easy fix.

Researchers with the Institute of Public and Preventive Health at GHSU recently published results from a study that might unlock the mystery.

Studying the body’s response to stress, specifically its tendency to retain sodium in the bloodstream when under duress, doctors found that people retain as much sodium in their blood as what you’d find in a small order of French fries.

For people whom this affects, it is each and every time they experience very stressful situations, which can be frequently throughout the day if they don’t have way of controlling and managing their stress responses.

Not everyone retains the sodium in the bloodstream during stressful episodes; in fact, it varies greatly within different ethnic groups. What holds true for all groups, though, is that less than half of the hypertensive people studied have this sodium response to stress, which might explain why not everyone benefits from the salt restriction.

The better direction, most experts are starting to understand, is to go after the stress- then salt becomes a non-issue.

Break out of stress prison forever- and completely eliminate high blood pressure naturally, once and for all using these three easy blood pressure exercises…

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  1. Salt was so valuable that Roman soldiers were paid with it. Wars have been fought over it, the nomads tracking across deserts knew the value of salt. Peoples throughout the ages and in all parts of the world have treasured salt as part of their diet, and for good reasons, not only did it flavour their food, it also preserved it, and through experience over millenia they knew how valuable salt was for their well being.
    Then all of a sudden in these ‘enlightened’ times, ‘salt’ has become a virtual poison? Natural salt compared to that supermarket poison is more than just salt, it is filled with minerals and nutrients and trace elements by the score, making it more than just a salt, it is a ‘food.’ The health gurus have to find something that they can blame for this or that ailment, when the cause of ALL our problems are THEM. They have ‘demonised’ natural fat that man has been eating for millenia, they have made sunshine an enemy, when many peoples all around the world have been living under it virtually stark naked all of their lives with absolutely no records of skin cancer affecting them? Now salt? Natural fat and foods are forbidden, as is salt and sunshine, and we have the sickest society ever known, this is a deliberate policy of deceit by the powers that be. Indoctrinating the masses with lies and skullduggery, the ‘healthy’ eating programmmes are nothing more than a slow kill eugenics on the world population to keep the numbers down, and to sterilise millions of people, as is proven by sperm counts across the globe falling at an alarming rate. Air, water, food, salt, are all critical to we humans, and ALL of them are poisoned in the extreme, add it all up, and this tells us what those in power are up to, and this is so important that it should not be taken with a pinch of salt.

  2. Our body need salt, the problem is, most of us doesn’t know which kind of salt is good for us! I’d been using HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL SALT for a month now, I used it when I make my vegetable juice. This kind of salt helps me a lot and it’s been a month now since I stopped taking my medication. If it helps, here is the combination of juice I take every morning in an empty stomach… it really works…

    1 BANANA
    4 TO 5 DATES



    Ma. Nhel

  3. Look at it this way. If people became healthy, multi national drug companies and the medical profession would go banrupt. So keep them sick, confuse the issues and invent new illnesses.

  4. I could not agree more with Michael, Ma and Dot! The greatest cause of death today is doctors. If you pay attention, you will discover that they are afraid of seeing doctors! They know only too well about the dangers.
    I will try that juice combination – it sounds delicious and makes good sense. As regards salt, the junk you buy in the supermarket is one third sand, one third glass and one third salt!! That is why it is dangerous. Buy Himalayan if you can, as it contains 84 minerals which are beneficial for the body. Otherwise look for organically sourced marine salt .

  5. I agree too….what ‘they’ don’t correlate is the increased consumption of refined sugars, refined carbohydrates and transfats (heck…they are STILL advocating margarine…absolute poison!) One thought though…don’t entirely limit yourselves to Himalayan salt as it lacks iodine and this can cause thyroid problems. Have good quality natural sea salt too. It has different minerals + iodine and using both will ensure a good supply of micro-nutrients.

  6. I agree. The adrenals get stressed and upset nthe sodium/potassium balance. Also those with agluten allergy(particularly wmany women) also have a problem as the gluten causing the sodium/potassium levels to go out of balance and they keep extra water in their body because of extra sodium. Remove gluten and they drop thew water and probably lower blood pressure aswell. As a naturopath I have found this is very common.

  7. For some reason doctors & others like to punish us. Like eating fat & salt will kill U even fags. Tobaco was a herb smoking it assimilated it quickly through the blood stream. Its also a food. People over use it because they can assimilate food through the gut.Its food on the run. Some smoke all their lives and don’t get sick. There’s another reason for the cancer a virous. Genetically ur suceptable. Salt was thought to cause high blood pressure because the lab seem to forget that if other elements are missing or low. It will cause salt to be precipertated out of the blood.
    If magnesium is low salt will come out of solution. Low magnesium is a cause for high blood pressure also infection. If the body’s indgered it will lay down fat allergies might cause this or long term infection. Lyme Disease is an infection that is hard to diagnose. Salt is one of the cures in general not enough salt is being eatern. The NHs seem to be a major culprit in not reporting the truth or using scientists that don’t seem very observant. Its like they want an answer for propergander not what actually what’s happening. They pay scientists to come up with the right answer or the answer they want. Basically to control or so it seems. Its one hell of a problem trying to tell them they are wrong.

  8. Missed typed can for can’t assimilate food through the gut.

  9. The only comment I will make about “SALT”, is not all salt is good salt, if you take what is used commercially “Sodium Chloride” which is manufactured and used in most off the shelf products, both as a flavour enhancer and a preservative.

    Then yes that is not the good stuff, especially if you are into packaged, or convenience type foods. Take away plus a lot of those quick service type restaurant’s use commercially obtained Sodium Chloride mainly because it is cheap and readily available.

    Whereas “Rock or Sea Salt” is a natural product and far better for you than any other type of salt……………?

  10. I couldn't agree more with all the comments. Butter and unrefined sugar has also been touted as bad and so called margarine and artificial sweetners good for you, when aspartame turns into formaldehyde in the brain and margarine is one molecule away from plastic. We live in a society where natural is harmful and fake is good. So sad.

  11. I also accept salt as a good food.I don’t accept that the misinformation out there is a deliberate policy but do accept that entrenched financial interests have nothing to gain by adjusting the accepted science even though it is bad science. A rule of life today is that between a deliberate conspiracy and a stuff up always go for the stuff up!!!
    I also read, possibly in this blog[?], that the salt problem might be due to the additives, like anti caking agents, that
    commercial table salt contains.

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