Finally it seems like the traditional medical system is acknowledging what natural health researchers have known for decades: Arthritis is caused by inflammation!

Of course it took German researchers, who are known for being more naturally focused than the corrupted pharmaceutical system in USA, to bring this up to the surface. And celebrities are making the trek to Germany to give an experimental treatment a try.

While many in the natural healing and homeopathic world could sit back and fire off an, “I told you so” regarding the “new and amazing” developments in treating arthritis, they don’t have to.

Researchers in Germany are offering up all the evidence anyone would need to show that inflammation- not mechanical problems- is to blame for the degenerative joint and bone problems so many people suffer.

An experimental drug, administered via injection, makes use of the science behind how inflammation is the culprit in arthritis conditions.

Known as Regenokine, this new drug uses chemicals already produced by the body that speed healing and regrowth of bone and joint tissues by stopping inflammation dead in its tracks.

The substance that is in our bodies naturally is called Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist, or IL-1 Ra. People who are deficient in this receptor or are overwhelmed by inflammation- causing substances in the body can be ravaged by a variety of arthritic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Because of its experimental status, it isn’t available in the US yet, although the FDA is said to be reviewing it for eventual release.

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