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Doctors Focusing on a “New” Treatment Approach to Arthritis

Finally it seems like the traditional medical system is acknowledging what natural health researchers have known for decades: Arthritis is caused by inflammation!

Of course it took German researchers, who are known for being more naturally focused than the corrupted pharmaceutical system in USA, to bring this up to the surface. And celebrities are making the trek to Germany to give an experimental treatment a try.

While many in the natural healing and homeopathic world could sit back and fire off an, “I told you so” regarding the “new and amazing” developments in treating arthritis, they don’t have to.

Researchers in Germany are offering up all the evidence anyone would need to show that inflammation- not mechanical problems- is to blame for the degenerative joint and bone problems so many people suffer.

An experimental drug, administered via injection, makes use of the science behind how inflammation is the culprit in arthritis conditions.

Known as Regenokine, this new drug uses chemicals already produced by the body that speed healing and regrowth of bone and joint tissues by stopping inflammation dead in its tracks.

The substance that is in our bodies naturally is called Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist, or IL-1 Ra. People who are deficient in this receptor or are overwhelmed by inflammation- causing substances in the body can be ravaged by a variety of arthritic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Because of its experimental status, it isn’t available in the US yet, although the FDA is said to be reviewing it for eventual release.

But why not get rid of the inflammation naturally, without the side effects of medications? Check out this 100% natural and injection-free method to turn arthritis off for good in just 3 weeks…

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  1. Shelly, I love your work and I admire you! I have been working to reduce the inflammation in my body for over a year now, and making a tiny bit of headway. Drs cant even find my inflammation; it is everywhere in me! My CRP levels are off the charts too, of course; but, for some strange reason, I am beginning to be able to sleep more than 45 min. at a time; I am a bit more calm, and have just a little energy during the day or nite. Bones & joints still prevent me walking further than to my next door neighbors home, and I have to use a chair to cook or load the diswasher, or scrub pots, or prepare veggies, but, thank God I can still do those things!

    I researched inflammation several years ago when DXed with it, and still research it; have changed eating habits, GREATLY, and love the changes and the different tastes and different foods. It is absolutely heavenly. I still miss a good steak, and I have no idea what this holiday turkey will do to me (I eat very little turkey, and lots of veggies and others).

    I am always fearful of meats, and eat primarily fish, chicken, other seafood, and venison and pork, which seems to agree with me well.

    I love salmon and mackeral, but miss sweetbreads, and raw oysters, and liver. (diabetics are not supposed to have organ meats, or raw proteins).

    I am so proud and glad to have found Blue Heron Health News as soon as I did. It restores my faith in man, and believe me, that needs to be restored!

    Keep up the good work, Shelly and Blue Heron! georgia

    They want me to take the meds for RA, which decrease the ability of the immune system even further; plus, they have 5 ways which could suddenly kill a person, and without any way to prevent it once it begins!

    I am sensitive to many chemicals, meds, stuff in the air, foods, etc. and I have to be super careful what I am around or eat.

    Cannot eat beef, turkey, bison, lamb, some chicken, due to the severe pains in joints & bones if I do. I used to could eat turkey once in a blue moon, no more. I used to be able to eat beef 2X a week; no more.

    I order venison with no harmones and no antibiotics, and can substitute that for the beef meals I used to love. I miss a good steak fresh off the outdoor grill; I miss hamburgers (I eat veggie burgers,& like them!), I miss terribly, meatloaf, and nothing tastes like a good beefy meat loaf!

    You would think I could find beef with nothing strange added; but, not yet!

  2. Is Regenokine therapy available in Canada?

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idXzSZBHf1g


    This is a whole new approach to inflamation. Earthing or grounding your body does many things, may reduce blood pressure as well.,

  4. Georgia

    Read the autoimmune bible. I can’t remember the author but do an online search and you will find it. This book has enabled me to stop my Inflamation dead in its tracks. The key recommendation is not to eat any diary and start taking Serrapaptasse a natural enzyme thar not only reduces Inflamation without ny side effects but also clears out blocked arteries into the bargin. I look and feel 10 years younger and have got rid of the arthritis that had plagued me for 20 years.

  5. Georgia

    The author is Julia Lui and the title is the Autoimunity Bible and Norton Protocol.


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