If you or know someone you love regularly drinks so called “energy drinks,” you’ll definitely want to read today’s feature article. It may save lives.

You have probably noticed the growing energy drink trend for the last few years. Whether it’s the sport drink soda type, or a small 5-hour energy type, people seem to be inhaling these drinks at record speed.

Lately, however, some of these drinks have been linked to severe heart attacks and other fatal diseases. And at least two types of drinks are under investigation by the FDA for killing over 18 people.

That’s why in today’s feature article, I’m going to name those brands, explain why they’re so dangerous and finally discuss the real underlying problem, which has nothing to do with the ingredients in these drinks.

Whereas traditional soda consumption is tapering off some, hard core “energy drinks” loaded with stimulants are growing in popularity. These “energy drinks” are often sold under the guise of being healthy. However, they are no better and can even be worse- than traditional sodas.

Many of those energy drinks are loaded with sugar, many times at the same levels as traditional sodas. They also (almost without exception) include an overload of caffeine and other chemicals.

One of the problems with many of those drinks is that they boost you up and then the energy wears off quickly with a low. You then have to consume another drink to continue.

Issues regarding safety concerns have been lurking around for quite some time. The FDA spokeswoman, Shelly Burgess, disclosed that 5-Hour Energy has been reported in more than 90 filings of adverse reactions since 2009. And over 13,000 emergency visits per year are related to “energy drinks.”

But it wasn’t till last month that the FDA disclosed they’re investigating the “Monster Energy Drink” for the deaths of five people. And now “5-Hour Energy” is under investigation related to 13 deaths.

Everyone is, of course, considered innocent till found guilty so I’m not going to crucify these two companies. The real issue is, why are we consuming such high amounts of these potentially lethal drinks?

The consumption of “energy drinks” has grown 17% in the last year alone, now topping $9 billion per year in sales. And although they seem to be doing their job of getting people ramped up, many of those drinks taste terrible. We know they’re not selling because they are delicious.

So the only reason anyone will use these drinks is because they’re too tired, or too rushed in the first place.

Over the past decade more and more of my clients are complaining about chronic tiredness. And almost all of them are caused by one or more of the following:

1) Lack of quality sleep
2) Lack of quality nutrition
3) Lack of physical activity
4) Too much stress / pushing yourself to far
5) Various chronic diseases / being overweight
6) Side effects from medications

These factors also interact with, and increase the seriousness of, each other. For example, lack of sleep causes stress and together these factors contribute to various diseases. A side effect of minimizing one disease with drugs intensifies the dangers of other conditions. Lack of physical activity leads to problems sleeping and other health issues. And we could go on and on.

The energy drinks are only symptoms of a much bigger problem. If you eat healthy, sleep well, exercise and avoid too much stress, you’ll feel energized naturally and will prefer healthy water over deadly energy drinks.

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