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Lower Blood Pressure 14 Points Using This Natural Oil

If you are one of several million people worldwide who suffer from not only high blood pressure, but also dangerous cholesterol levels as well, then you’ll be interested in a study recently published out of New Delhi, India.

Researchers found a superb little oil mixture has been effective at combatting both problems at once, without the need for drugs.

A recent study including 300 participants showed that an oil mixture of rice bran and sesame oils was effective at dropping blood pressure compared to those not cooking with it.

The researchers did not disclose the exact portion of each oil but it’s safe to assume an approximate 50/50 blend would work just fine.

Participants who cooked with it saw an average drop in systolic blood pressure of 14 points and diastolic drops of an average of 11 points. The participants used the oil to cook with for 60 days during the study.

They further found that cholesterol levels improved, as well. LDL (bad) cholesterol went down an average of 26% and good, or HDL, levels went up more than 9%

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  1. Interesting….have to try to see the effect.

  2. thanks for the information.

  3. The information is useless as the percentage of oils is not disclosed.

  4. Sounds like something I might try. Do you mean rice bran cereal with sesame oil or is there a rice bran oil?

  5. good info but where does one buy it and how much does one use? not enough info.

  6. Need more information to be able to buy or create this cooking oil. Would like to try it. Were they using it for frying?

  7. I don’t know if there’s any point in leaving a question because no one ever seems to reply to any questions that are posted, but as others have said, what’s rice bran?

  8. I wonder the effects of using this as an oil blend without cooking with it, ie; just putting on salad as a dressing instead of Olive oil, which is what a lot of folk do. I always put a table spoon of Coconut oil in my porridge just before I serve it up and I cook porridge on a stove top rather than in a Microwave cooker, “Microwave cooking isn’t exactly the best way to prepare food’ (I know it is a convenient method today but it isn’t always the best way). I read an article of a study of using water that had been heated in a microwave then allowed to cool and fed to potted plants. At the same time the study/experiment used used ordinary tap water (not Microwaved)to feed the potted plants. The study also contained photographs and showed both potted plants used in the test/experiment. The plants fed with microwaved water died but the other plants lived and thrived, so I guess that although microwaved food is convenient, then maybe it is suspect in a modern age where convenience is the way that most things are done today.
    I’m sorry that I’ve gotten away from the original topic of the blended oil for cooking, but there are a lot of us who read these articles that do not cook with oil anyway and do not cook with a microwave either.
    My use of coconut oil was suggested to me quite a number of years ago as a combatant to Alzheimer’s disease, the logic behind that was, there is a marked difference between South Seas Islanders not having this disease as opposed to Westerners that do, Coconut Oil is used by them in most food preparation. A friend actually lived and worked in Fiji for most of his life (he is Anglo Saxon) and remarked that he never saw anyone with what he called “Brain Fog anywhere throughout the Islands….?

  9. There is rice bran oil available everywhere;supposed to be healthy too hence worth trying.I have consumed both oils on different occasions,albeit separately but not regularly;no apparent side effects.

  10. Rice Bran Oil is an oil is the oil extracted from the germ and inner husk of rice. It can, as well as sesame oil, be found in most supermarkets and every health food store.

    Researchers seem to have mostly used it for frying (rice bran can sustain very high heat) but it would be interesting in hearing about researches using it as salad dressing as well like Brian pointed out. My guess is it’s even more effective like that.

    Any blend of the Rice Bran and Sesame oil should be helpful. The research doesn’t indicate the exact formula and we don’t need it since natural health is not really exact science. 50/50 blend should work or try out what tastes and works best for you.

  11. Health foods have those oils but the article doesn't specify what ratio to use.

  12. Robert FixinT'split Easley

    i never heard of rice bran oil, where do you get it? the article guesses we should use equal parts.

  13. I meant to say health food STORES have those oils. I'm in the grocery store capital of the country, so even mainstream grocery stores here often have them.

  14. Brian, I read that the microwave water on plants research was bogus. Might check out that research. I am interested in blending these two oils to help reduce my bp, however, I seldom fry anything, but am going to buy the oils. Can’t hurt to try it out.

    Christian, your readers are so intelligent. I am awed at the information I read in reader comments! I research a lot, and I can’t keep up with Blue Heron Health News, or the reader comments! georgia

  15. Muito bom. Acompanho sempre os artigos de vocês. Tem muita qualidade e informação.
    Acessem: http://www.mirantesul.blogspot.com.

  16. Very helpful! All the info are here. I will try “cooking” with both the rice bran oil, and I love sesame oil too. but never used it together at “an approximate 50/50 blend” for “60 days”.

    Thank you!!

  17. Once those oils are heated, their molecular structure changes completely, and they become far removed from what they were, and highly toxic to the body. It is a very vague explanation of a questionable study. The questions that could be raised here are many.

  18. I just bought a bottle each of rice bran oil and toasted (hope that’s ok!)sesame oil. I fried with them so far, yesterday and today, and next I’ll use it as salad dressing.
    All I can say is, the combination smells and tastes fantastic. I found both oils in the “Internatonal” aisle at my local Wegman’s, and also found the sesame oil in the organic section, which I bought.
    Is there any guideline from the study on how often one is supposed to use it daily??

  19. I found another article about the study. ratio is 80% rice bran oil and 20% sesame oil. doesn't say what kind of sesame oil though.

  20. yes…i read this study with interest too….and wondered about the same thing as Brian…what if we simply mixed the two oils and had them raw ..either as salad dressing or simply say one tsp a day….I intend to try this and see and hopefully will post back in a few weeks time in case there is any noticeable improvement.

    Frying with the combo doesn’t tell us a few things…whether as someone pointed out ..there is any molecular change in the structure of the oil which causes the beneficial effect, secondly what is the optimal ratio of the two oils and third what is the dosage or amount of oil to be consumed…one can hardly fry something in a teaspoon of oil (i suppose one could but that would not really be “frying” 😉 )

  21. I think I'll give this a try when I get some money saved up.

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