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Does High Cholesterol Cause Cancer?

If people with unhealthy cholesterol levels ever needed more incentive to get it under control, new research out of University of Rochester Medical Centre have just given it to them.

Researchers have long suspected that cholesterol and cancer are linked because the evidence linking the two has been so abundant.

However, until recently, the genetic evidence exhibits had not been offered. Researchers have now seen the evidence, confirming their suspicions…unhealthy cholesterol buildup in the body can actually cause cancer.

A gene in cells called ABCA1 is critical in the health of cells within the organs of the body. When it functions normally, it triggers the destruction of cancer cells that are naturally present in humans.

When this gene is inhibited in some way, the trigger to stop the growth of cancer cells never gets activated.

When there is too much cholesterol in the body, either from food sources or the body’s own production of it, the excess hides inside cell membranes. In many cases, the buildup, say within arterial walls, can lead to plaque.

However, it also leads to the destruction of the ABCA1 gene within cells. This excess cholesterol eliminates the body’s natural ability to stop cancer cell growth.

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  1. The phoney war on cholesterol, cholesterol is not even a fat but a sterol, and is essential for the proper functioning of the body. You CANNOT eat enough to satisfy the bodies needs for cholesterol, that is why the body makes most of its own. We have 'health experts' nutritionists, and health gurus without number, and yet society's ills speak for themselves. We are living in a time when endless plagues are sweeping the globe. If cancer was contagious, no one would dare leave their home. Heart disease is as common as blades of grass, with the pharmaceutical concentration ministries adding to a global holocaust that is decimating the human family.On reading Barry Groves book "Trick and Treat" I find a genuine man, sincere, and he has spent over fifty years of his life doing research, from the arctic to the tropics. His quotations from hundreds of other people following a similiar path as himself, does not reflect a bloody-minded egotistical individual. He could see patterns that showed themselves, leaving one powerful information to learn from and make a far more informed decision than one would find elsewhere. His research is staggering, and has to be admired for what it is, a dedicated search to find answers to the betterment of ones well being, as he has traversed time and space looking for answers from all parts of the world and covering mans time upon it. All that cannot be dismissed lightly, or ignored by those whose indoctrinated beliefs as regards diet have been exposed as seriously flawed. It would also be unwise for anyone to think that just one man has the answers to diet and well being, but Mr, Groves has gained the respect of many by the depth of his research.

  2. So are we talking oxidized Cholesterol here? After all plaque is a build up of calcium and oxidized cholesterol.

  3. Jonathan – the study doesn’t proof exactly if it’s having high cholesterol in general or plaque buildup (which as you stated is often caused by oxidization and inflammation). This could also not be cause and effect dynamic but more of an indicator of overall health dynamic. For example people with high cholesterol often have high blood pressure and other health issues as well.

  4. I can’t help but wonder if leaky gut is not in the picture they are painting.

    Most physicians don’t even acknowledge that what we ingest can cause many problems that mimic various diseases.

  5. Laurie from New York

    Not sure i believe any “research” coming out of this University. They were involved in the collusion of dishonest research findings that foisted the fluoride hoax on all americans…causing illnesses of all sorts ever since….all for money. Cholesterol is a necessary LIFE-SAVING compound. If it is in the blood stream, it is because the body is manufacturing and transporting it to areas of the body that NEED it (like the brain and spinal cord for myelin, or for producing hormones). The cholesterol theory fraud rates up there with all the other lies(such as they “don’t know” what causes cancer while actually creating it in healthy lab animals, or the vaccine farce that actually weakens the immune system and triggers autoimmune and neurological disorders) yet mainstream pharmaceutical medicine perpetrates and perpetuates to make money and keep us sick til the day we die. Wonder who paid them how much to come up with these erroneous findings?

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