If people with unhealthy cholesterol levels ever needed more incentive to get it under control, new research out of University of Rochester Medical Centre have just given it to them.

Researchers have long suspected that cholesterol and cancer are linked because the evidence linking the two has been so abundant.

However, until recently, the genetic evidence exhibits had not been offered. Researchers have now seen the evidence, confirming their suspicions…unhealthy cholesterol buildup in the body can actually cause cancer.

A gene in cells called ABCA1 is critical in the health of cells within the organs of the body. When it functions normally, it triggers the destruction of cancer cells that are naturally present in humans.

When this gene is inhibited in some way, the trigger to stop the growth of cancer cells never gets activated.

When there is too much cholesterol in the body, either from food sources or the body’s own production of it, the excess hides inside cell membranes. In many cases, the buildup, say within arterial walls, can lead to plaque.

However, it also leads to the destruction of the ABCA1 gene within cells. This excess cholesterol eliminates the body’s natural ability to stop cancer cell growth.

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