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High Blood Pressure Caused by This Medical Therapy

Researchers in New South Wales, Australia, have released a study putting a common medical therapy to lower blood pressure in the hot seat.

Not only was it ineffective to lower blood pressure and decrease risk of heart attack (actually the opposite) it also causes cancer.

All men and women over the age of 45 need to learn about this.

Scientists at the University of Western Sydney have debunked the claim from pharmaceutical giants that produce Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT, that using it can lower blood pressure.

A massive study by the World Health Organization was prematurely ended when researchers found that HRT more than doubles the risk of breast cancer, and stopped the study to prevent further occurrence.

Since then, though, HRT producers and many doctors still claimed it would help with keeping blood pressure under control.

The Australian study recently disproved that myth when it looked at more than 43,000 women over 45 who were menopausal or post-menopausal and didn’t already have a history of heart disease or high blood pressure.

What they found was that those using HRT had double the occurrence of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Even in light of the research and dozens of studies documenting the risk of the therapy, doctors still continue to recommend its use.

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  1. The secret to using HRT is — take the low dose. This is with consideration to the quality of life without it.

  2. read this!

  3. Good stuff everybody read this post. Keep up the good work keeping us informed!

  4. Who would be crazy enough to take the hormones of a pregnant horse anyway – that's what HRT is made from….

  5. how did they approve HRT with these kinds of findings? So you can't trust pharmaceuticals but they are making our medicines?

  6. HRT therapy has caused women over 45 to get high blood pressure and heart disease through a study, how terrible. This hormone therapy was taken for one problem and caused another. It would be best to go herbal remedy. May take a little longer to get better but its better than getting heart disease or any other disease.

  7. No one needs to take HRT for any reason — take natural progesterone,
    I’ve been taking it for years and since have had no more abnormal pap
    smears and cryosurgeries to remove abnormal cells…. It takes care of hot flashes, and other problems.. Dr. Lee ? (What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause…) revealed that 99% of women don’t need estrogen at all –our fat cells make it!– and since the Drug companies started producing & promoting HRT, the cancer rates went up 4 to 8 times what they were before –in women… You can have quality of life and longer life, if you are
    lucky enough to find out about natural progesterone,which our bodies don’t make anymore because of pesticides, pollution and plastics…

  8. I think we r going to treat we r creating.

  9. No! woman are smarter than to take horse piss anymore, we are in the 21st century….You go to a Coumpound Pharmacy and ask for the NATURAL YAM Progesetrone and the NATURAL BI-EST PLANT Estrogen….And you have tons of energy and feel happy and everything in ones body works perfectly normal……100 mg's of Progesterone is usually to much for most woman, so decrease it to either 50 mg's or 25 mg's and then you'll feel great and the BI-EST Estrogen 0.625….Also makes skin look radiant and beautiful and lessens wrinkles and wards them off…….

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