In a surprising publication in the Journal of Clinical nutrition, researchers were able to show a decrease in systolic blood pressure for pre-hypertensive and hypertensive patients using a simple powder found in most health food stores.

In a nutritional study conducted in the Netherlands and published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that protein isolate supplements contributed to a drop in systolic blood pressure of almost 5 points in people who were overweight.

The study looked at people aged 20 through 70 who were clinically overweight and had either prehypertension (130/85) to a mid-range high blood pressure reading (160/100). They then had the experimental group begin supplementing with a protein isolate powder, much like you would find in a health food store for body builders.

While body builders and weight lifters are encouraged to consume up to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight when competing, the levels in the study were much lower. Study participants only consumed 20 grams of supplemental protein in addition to their regular diet.

The average drop in blood pressure was 4.9 mm/Hg systolic at the conclusion of the study for the experimental group, with no discernible change for the control group.

However, those taking the protein supplement also were found to have excessive amounts of sodium in their urine, which is one indicator of stressed-out kidneys.

Protein powders can also cause problems in the kidneys because the excess protein is very hard for kidneys to process, especially in concentrated amounts like you’d find when protein is introduced as a supplement as opposed to a natural food source.

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