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This Fruit Help Lower Blood Pressure and Prevent Heart Attack

There is one easy-to-find fruit that helps to eliminate high blood pressure, cites research findings released at a conference in San Diego earlier this month.

Scientists with Department of Nutritional Sciences of the University of Connecticut presented research at the Experimental Biology conference in San Diego, California, where they followed a number of people with Metabolic Syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome is the term for a collection of health issues that usually always include high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, bad cholesterol and a high proportion of fat around the midsection.

These participants were asked to include grapes in their diets and the results were very encouraging. Polyphenols found in grapes work triple-duty to improve health. They stop dangerous inflammation processes that cause insulin resistance, are natural vasodilators that result in lowered blood pressure, and also fight compounds that cause the body to store fat.

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  1. An attractive woman who looks like Eva Gardner and sits on my lap would have the same effect, if I could find her.

  2. I think I have this email mixed up with someones facebook account, so sorry not meant to.

  3. very encouraging, many thanks.

  4. Thanks for the information.I just love grapes.

  5. I knew about this some time ago.

  6. Thanks for the information. I love grapes. Great to know how beneficial they are…

  7. great! I love grapws.

  8. yeah thanks, I'm just wondering if any variety of grape does the same job, will add to my shopping list.

  9. Can you drink the grapes after fermentation and bottling. Will they be as effective.

  10. I drink my grapes every day.

  11. Clara M Edwards

    Thanks for the information.

  12. Does it matter if it’s red grapes or green grapes?

  13. Love the articles & have been very helpful to my blood pressure & imflamation.

  14. The muscadine grape! I take the grape seed supplements daily, plus drink the muscadine grape juice. The most powerful grape on the planet. I'm just fortunate to be a distributor of these awesome products.

  15. Organic grapes. Grapes are heavily pesticided. You don’t want to be doing something bad to yourself while you are trying to something good.

  16. thanks, never heard of this name, but will definitely check it out.

  17. id like to know roughly how many grapes to consume for a theraputic effect or medicinal purposes

  18. J Paxman Boadu

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. article shows pix of green grapes otherwise too vague, green, red???? special kind???

  20. congs for the very good article , but what about the heavy sugar content in grapes for Diabetics.

  21. i have read that grapes are not good for you if you are suffering from diabetes.white wine ok but not grapes!!!

  22. Clinton Bashore

    What about resveratol?…and the benefit of eating the seeds.

  23. How best can grape be taken to be of maximum help and which type?

  24. The Germans, Austrians and other Europeans have long held an idea that there’s something called the “grape cure.” A person feeling poorly (as one used to say, or run down…) goes to a wine country region and eats NOTHING but grapes for several weeks. They swear by this, returning home feeling extremely fit, because grapes have so many nutrients in them necessary for good health.

    You can look this up under the “Grape Cure” and see what others have said.

  25. Well…. grapes taste real good and are good for SOME people. This article fails to mention that if you are diabetic you should not consume grapes (or consume in moderation). I’d question the statement that “They stop dangerous inflammation processes that cause insulin resistance) however. Diabetics that I’ve known were told that grapes were one of the fruits that they should NOT eat due to the high sugar in them. Even if you don’t have a problem with insulin resistance you should limit the amount of grapes that you consume. Also, CG should have mentioned that grapes rate as one of the fruits that are highest in pesticides so if you choose to consume them you should only buy organic. grapes.

  26. Grapes are problematic as they are often high in toxins ,even organic grapes, high in heavy metals. The accompanying picture shows green grapes that not not recommended for people with health problems. Wild blueberries ,frozen or fresh, are far more powerful and useful. Have to be careful of eating anything daily if have an irritated bowel as you will tend to develop allergy to it. Heal gut if going to recommend taking(or take personally) any food item daily.

  27. Is that ok for people with Diabetes.As they are sweet.

  28. Thanks to share with us about grapes ..I think the green grapes are the best because has lest sugar .

  29. 3 kiwi"s a day works fantastic too

  30. Cedric Masikamu

    Thank you for the new information, infact Jehovah created all types of fruits food so that when our body consumes it cures itself without us realising it but because the coming of these Genetially modified crops, human health is at risk. But I agree very much and am going to starting taking them right away though very expensive in my country.

  31. But how about diabetes patients? Grapes are a no no due to the high natural sugar content.

  32. Love my grapes in a TALL glass!

  33. manisha banwait

    i have a diabetes are grapes good for me .thanks

  34. Beverly Boisen

    I eat grapes most days
    Some times I buy green and buy the red when they look fresh

  35. Christine chokunegella

    Yes grapes are good,we have red as well as green grapes in my country,Dodoma region

  36. thanks will definitely double up on my supply.

  37. Yes ,How true .I have never seen an article. How women effect mens health.I do not need to read it as I know how women can make men happy or very sick .

  38. Michael Goodrich

    After loosing my dear wife of 62 yrs,I realized that I had to get on with my life Your articles are helping me do that,am feeling much better,many thanks, Michael Goodrich

  39. Thank you. I've been avoiding grapes, thinking they'd be bad for my arthritis, but now have high blood pressure and diabetes, so will start including them in my diet. This is most informative indeed ;).

  40. I am diabetic and find that eating grapes of any kind causes extremely high blood sugar readings – I love grapes but have almost eliminated them from my diet because how tey affect blood sugar. T think article is irresponsible in advocating grapes without adding a warning about their raising blood sugar



  42. frederick brooker

    There is no such thing as “bad” cholesterol. There are high density and low density forms of cholesterol. Both have their uses

  43. I would like to know roughly how many grapes to consume for a theraputic effect or medicinal purposes What about people suffering from diabetes

  44. You forgot to add–with a pleasant disposition ;).
    Looks are all fine and dandy, but someone who is genuinely caring with looks would be the best one to be on your lap! 🙂

  45. Grapes are full of sugar, fructose being the name of sugars that fruit produces, because fructose does not stimulate insulin secretion from the pancreas as does glucose-containing carbohydrate foods like bread and pasta, people who know this believe that fruit must be healthier. But there is a snag, our bodies produce a hormone called 'leptin' which controls weight gain: the more leptin produced the less weight is put on.The production of leptin is regulated by insulin responses to meals. Thus fructose, by reducing insulin, also reduces circulating leptin concentrations.

    Dr. Sharon Elliot and colleagues at the universities of California and Pennsylvania, say that the combined effects of insulin and lowered leptin in individuals who eat diets that are high in dietary fructose(fruits) could increase the likelihood of weight gain and associated conditions. In addition, they point out that fructose, compared with glucose, is preferentially metabolized to fat in the liver. In animal studies fructose has been shown to induce insulin resistance, impair glucose tolerance and raise blood levels of insulin and triglycerides, as well as raising blood pressure, although the figures are not so clear in humans. Nevertheless, there are human data that suggests that eating more fructose may be detrimental in terms of increased fat storage and body weight and the illnesses associated with the metabolic syndrome.

    Sugars from whatever source generates insulin in the body, insulin being a hormone that can, in significant quantities cause huge disruption in the body leading to all kinds of problems. i.e, Diabetes is now a plague in the 'civilised 'world, and why, because most people live on mainly a carbohydrate diet, the Doctor will tell tham to eat more fruit and vegetables, but they are carbohydrates too, in fact they could be worse for diabetics. The best solution is to take away the need for the cells to put up resistance in the first place by giving insulin less of a job to do. As ALL dietary carbohydrates, whether it is bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, sugar or fruit, and whatever its glyceamic index, ultimately reaches the blood as glucose, the best way to reduce the need for increased insulin is to reduce dietary carbohydrate. And we also need to reduce our intakes of the cheap, engineered dietary oils and margarines.These two elements of our modern diet are a recipe for disaster.

    The evidence of how bad our diet is; we have the sickest society ever known, plagued by a plethora of diseases, caused mainly by a greedy corporate mafia who sell the most poisonous foods to the masses.

  46. Many years ago, it was recognised that if you visited some one in hospital you always took grapes. It was a European thing originally, but caught on around the world eventually, so when we look at how things used to be “Back In The DARK AGES” when herbs and natural things were the order of the day, those people couldn’t have been too “FAR WRONG” with how things were done……?

  47. I also love grapes and wonder also if they are okay if pre diabetic

  48. You did not specify the recommended quantity it should be taken.

  49. Happy Kwanzaa!
    How would I get those grapes and what type grapeseed supplement?
    I am in jamaica. Give Thanks!

  50. Grapes are very haeavily sprayed with pestiicides. Even a lot of washing with water does not seem to help reduce the levels of pesticides in the grapes. I wonder whether it is still OK to take grapes to improve cardio vascular health.Or while grapes do good the pesticides destroy health.

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