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The Number Two Cause for Couples Fighting

Being a covers hog sparks a large percentage of the almost 200 arguments couples have per year about bedroom issues, coming in first as fight fodder.

What’s number two?

Snoring is the number two leading reason for bedroom fights between couples, according to a poll conducted in Britain earlier this year.

While many issues are harder to prevent, like a reflexively bad habit of stealing the covers or money matters, the highly preventable snoring problem ranks second in what ticks couples off enough to fight about it.

Both husbands and wives were equally to blame for the snoring issues, along with each of the other top ten reasons for bedroom quabbles.

Lose the snoring and the fights that come with it using these simple, 3-minutes stop snoring exercises…

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  1. Jonathan Cox says:

    Having a Mrs who's a bad tempered control freak doesn't help matters either!

  2. A book named The Sexy Years by Suzanne Somers explains why middle age women cannot tolerate the faults of their men. It causes many relationship problems and makes attorneys a lot of money.

  3. Neelam Malde says:

    all one needs to do is loose weight and cut down on the alcohol intake and the snoring problem should disappear in MOST cases!

  4. Both husband & wife are to blame EQUALLY!

  5. try sleeping in separate rooms and have visiting rights ae lol.

  6. Syed Hasan says:

    Even if you stop snoring, something else will for bedroom fighting.But you can always minimize the problems.

  7. Vijay Fernandez says:

    My Mrs hates any spunk spots on her sheets, I have to change them immediately.

  8. If you marry someone everything comes in package including snoring at night and you should be ready accept the consequences.

  9. Dennis Abad Bugayong says:

    Nothing an open communication can't fix, I believe. No proper communication is a sure marriage killer 🙂

  10. Correct Dennis, but definitely you should have known better that your future partner used to snore at night and you have all the option to get rid of him/her if you can not tolerate his/her snoring before the marriage. (he he he )

  11. Dennis Abad Bugayong says:

    My point is whoever's snoring must be trying to communicate in an alien language though hahaha!

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