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Lifestyle Changes Cure High Blood Pressure, Study Proves

Doctors continue to join the masses of believers that say therapeutic lifestyle changes, not drugs, are the most effective and safest ways to eliminate high blood pressure.

Recent study revealed unbelievable results from simple lifestyle changes on high blood pressure. If this study goes viral, it may bankrupt some of the drug companies.

The American Journal of Cardiology recently published a study following more than two thousand men and women from many ethnic backgrounds who had high blood pressure but weren’t taking medication.

After 12 weeks, with the only interventional treatment being changes in lifestyle, more than 60% of the participants saw their blood pressure readings drop to normal, healthy levels.

Not only did blood pressure improve, but the behavioral counseling, diet changes, and exercise also showed drastic improvements in bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Natural health professionals in a variety of fields heralded the study as yet one piece in the body of evidence proving that drugs don’t have to be a life sentence.

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  1. I tr?ed that before and ?ts works.Thank You so much.

  2. YEs! We should just eat plant food.

  3. Being in natural meds, Tony has discovered some amazing solutions in natural methods to control his blood pressure. For example "square breathing" and keeping well hydrated.

  4. Yeah! I believed in this as I changed my lifestyle by practicing Yoga and diet to see the good result.

  5. Peacefull spirit and prayer along with slow deep breathing and excer- and diet is the cure.

  6. Sad to say, but its all too easy to say. A lot of people are not really aware of the different conditions that working folk must undergo. In the pursuit of trying to maintain a 'reasonably comfortable' lifestyle, double income households are the norm and that means unbelievable traffic and congestion that they have to go through. Making early commutes to and late commutes back from work – so how does one change that lifestyle? It seems like big pharma wins again.

  7. Age 61, Lost weignt from 103 kg to 87 kg, with weight management with Weight Watchers, & exercise. Blood pressure went from “marginal” 165/95 to “good” 120/80. Over 5 years weight has risen to 93 kg & blood pressure is back to marginal and motivating me to resume to the weight management plan.

  8. Prayers and lifestyle change really have good effects in maintaning normal blood pressure. This is my true experience. I pray for normal blood pressure and I observe proper diet as a diabetic person. I had diabetes since l978 and thank God that I’m still in good shape. For diabetics, let’s just be strict in ourselves, have self-control on eating foods which are not good for diabetics. Then, always have proper exercise early morning. That’s what I do to have a normal blood pressure plus taking my maintenance daily. God bless.

  9. To maintain a normal blood pressure just observe proper diet, have exercise and taking meds. Very important is prayer. God heals. Nothing is impossible with Him. Glory to Him.

  10. People's mind was conditioned by the medical authority that only drugs produced by these greedy Pharmaceutical Companies is the only solution and they will never yield to the fact that there are better and safe alternatives. That is the power of MONEY.

  11. I totally agree with lifestyle changes.i use to smoke and i thought quitting would lower my blood pressure..140/90 but it actually had no affect..the diet and exercise changes were the key..no fried foods,no processed foods,no fast foods,no sodas, very little red meat… berries, beans,fruits,veggies.,fish and sometimes chicken or turkey were the key..plus i stopped eating after 6pm..if i did..i ate only a fruit or veggie salad..bp now for the past few years..118/78
    my friend owns a deli and i see terribly obese persons come in and order steak, hamburgers,cheeseburgers,fried and processed foods..then they wash that down with a huge..cold soda.at the least they should help that meal flush by drinking something..hot.

  12. I have uncontrolled, chronically hypertension. I am trying everything I know to get and keep it down, but haven’t been successful yet. Thank you all for your comments as they have been most helpful. Any suggestions? God Bless! kitd46@yahoo.com

  13. Nice! Been searching for this information , thanks for posting, arthritis diet.

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