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FDA Warning About Blood Pressure Medications

Another new drug controversy is just released from the FDA concerning medicines commonly prescribed for high blood pressure. The problem arises when the patient also has diabetes and is suffering from renal impairment.

The FDA recently released findings on dangerous side effects of 2 kinds of drugs. Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs) and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) are found to be very problematic for diabetic patients.

However, even in the face of data showing an elevated occurrence of stroke and even death in the diabetes group using ACEIs and ARBs, the FDA stopped short of a definitive conclusion regarding the “possible” side effects for diabetes patients.

Data suggests the medicines end up dropping blood pressure too low (hypotension) and also cause potassium levels to spike dangerously high in people with kidney impairment due to diabetes complications.

Because of the lack of a formal conclusion, all drug makers will be required to do is add additional labeling, highlighting the contraindication.

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  1. I gave up ALL bp medications, and control type 2 diabetes with diet alone. Result: I feel better! Why don't more people try this?

  2. Leila Romi says:

    because people are the puppets and the medical field is the puppet master.

  3. Eleanor says:

    Thank you for this – it’s very interesting. Am currently taking an ARB, and am due to see my doctor, as am not happy with side effects even though I don’t have diabetes. Will post again when I see what she says, if I think it’s of any use to others.

  4. Right! Big Pharma rules, ok??!!

  5. Lucy Tucker says:

    Agree with the type 2 diabetes but not convinced bout BP meds? There are people out there with seriously high BP that would probably not be here but for those meds 🙂

  6. Beck Lee says:

    Interesting and useful info. A good idea to refer to research findings with journal references stated. For those interested in more details.

  7. I'm still here, Lucy, and doing well at nearly 81:-D. Not too bothered about medications – or lack of them! Quality of life is what it's about…..

  8. In reply to the comment by Richard Senior, I would love to give up my medication, but have very high blood sugar. Was yours minimal? r

  9. richard, when you say you gave up all bp meds.how did you go about this please.
    was it a gradual reduction?

  10. Lucy Tucker says:

    Yes Dad you're a very healthy 81 (nearly) and long may it last 🙂 but I'm still not sure that people with dangerously high BP can survive without these meds :))

  11. These are the truth about prescribed drugs our beloved doctors will never tell us. Most of them doesn't care a bit and will never spare a few minutes to discuss the side effects of the drug he/she just prescribed. All they care is the rewards they will get from the Pharmaceutical Companies and the revenues they will collect from consultation fees.Pathetic indeed!

  12. Barbara Gelles says:

    What are the drugs that cause these problems?

  13. Sickduck says:

    it would be more useful if you could provide brand name of the drugs.

  14. Diahane says:

    I was on a low dosage of lisinopril but I have decided to take 1000 mg of garlic gel caps, I am taking one in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening with my dinner. Will this help keep the blood pressure lowered?

  15. Sue Williamson says:

    just keep monitoring it Pa, won't you? xx

  16. Yes, you could say minimal; 'borderline diabetic' would be an accurate description. I monitor it regularly, and provided I keep to the diet I should never need any medication.

  17. No! Cold turkey! I'm convinced doctors try to frighten us into carrying on the meds in the hope we won't stop them at all! I decided enough was enough one night, didn't take a pill, and felt better immediately. That was over 2 years ago.

  18. Thanks for your concern, Sue; lowering stress levels is the answer, and breathing exercises help enormously.

  19. Cathy L says:

    exactly what happens when pottassium levels are dangerously high???
    please do not respond something as increased possibility of stroke — this does not tell me what happens – it tells me the result of what happens.
    Thank you

  20. I quit taking my type II diabetes drugs; doing much better; however, have high blood pressure and take Linsinopril. I am researching and tryng to use supplements and get off the med but so far nothing has worked. So I keep taking my blood pressure med and now am concerned.

  21. Dear Della May I suggest that you contact Raintree Nutrition in Carson City Nevada for bp.Their telephone is 800780-5902
    My phone is 718-336-9246 Luis

  22. DeAnna Rice says:

    First off…you don’t give enough info…it would be better to LIST the meds. that cause the condition. I didn’t find ANY of this to help. And please if you REALLY care about my health, GIVE ME THE INFO on natural ways to battle high bp and then direct me to a site that simply wants me to buy their product. Thats not helping..Thats is simply keeping the pharm. status quo.

  23. Annie says:

    Richard, I also am “borderline diabetic”…..trying to keep my carbs low and eat more fruits and even more veggies, is that enough??

  24. Very interesting to know.

  25. Ray Prospero says:

    …you wouldn't believe what the Internet can tell you about prescribed drug side effects… this is our best tool of information!

  26. That is why Tol, people are looking for alternative medicines in form of herbal food supplements that will never gets our doctors approval because they won't get anything

  27. Richard says:

    Annie – sugar is the real culprit. However, I monitor my levels with a blood tester. This is the best way: if the levels are ok, then there’s no problem. I also belong to a type 2 diabetes list – type-2-diabetes@yahoogroups.com – which is very helpful. There are differing measurements according to where you live: I am in the UK.

  28. cameron anderson says:

    In November 2011 i was referred to the dietitian by Dr. xxxx as he was worried about the high level of cholesterol showing in my blood tests.
     At that first meeting with Axxxx i stopped having sugar in my coffee and tea.

    My weight was about 94 kilos and my waist measurement was about 100 CMS 

    after four sessions with her i had lost 5 kilos and two CMS around my waist 

    shortly after my last session with her i read David Gillespie’s book about sugar (Sweet Poison)and after investigating this a bit i discovered Robert Lustig’s u-tube video (The Bitter Truth) and quite a few other bits and pieces about saturated fat and fructose.
    So i changed my diet to eliminate as much sugar as possible and where possible chose  high fat/high fibre foods to eat.

    I also bought a blood pressure machine and take my reading twice a day 

    On  (Friday 13/04/2012)   I saw Dr. Bxxxx again and got the following  results.

    Blood results over a six months period

    status               24/11/2011 30/03/2012 Range

    cholesterol 5.7 4.0 (<5.5)

    triglyceride 2.1 1.0 (<1.8)

    HDL Chol. 1.1 1.2 (1.1-3.5)

    Coronary risk 5.2 3.3 (<3.5)

    LDL Chol. 3.6 2.3 (<3.5)

     I have now  lost about 15 kilos in weight

     4 CMS around my waist

     my blood pressure has stabilised at about 110/70  my heart rate varies around the 70 mark 

    So I have turned thirty years of food nutrition around and try to have high saturated fat food and as little sugar as possible and where i cannot avoid the sugar content i include high fibre nuts or avocado to balance it   

    Sugar (Fructose)  is the key guys !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  29. good on you for controlling your diabetes with diet but dont just give up your medication without informing your doctor as each individul is different and how a drug affects one person it may not affect the other the same way.

  30. Nathan Yoder says:

    Solution is simple!! Use natural supplement that works, it does not have those awful side affects its ProArgi9.

  31. Terrific! Been looking for this info , thanks for posting, low potassium diet.

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