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This Sweet Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Recently we posted an article revealing how one type of sweet helped lower high blood pressure.

No surprise many readers were extremely happy.

Now a new study has shown how the same sweet drastically lowers bad cholesterol.

And quickly, the study proved this could be done in as little as fifteen days.

What sweet are we talking about? Chocolate, of course. And the darker, the better.

Researchers from San Diego State University measured participant’s cholesterol levels. Then they assigned half the group the tough task of eating 50 grams of dark chocolate every day and the comparison group to eat the same amount of white chocolate every day. White chocolate includes no cocoa, so researchers were really testing the effects of cocoa.

Fifteen days later the dark chocolate group had lowered their cholesterol levels quite a bit whereas the white chocolate group had not.

No surprise, researchers had no problem finding participants for this study. Everyone wants to eat chocolate for science. 🙂 They did, however, have to hold the participants back a little since they tended to want to eat more than 50 grams per day. Going overboard can remove all health benefits of chocolate since it’s high in fat and calories.

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  1. Amal Fouad Seffein

    I will give it a try!

  2. I eat one small square of Lindt 85% dark chocolate most days. I don’t give a rats if it’s good for you or if it lowers BP – I just love it and I know that in moderation it’s probably doing me good. It certainly boosts the endomorphins.

    Also, real chocolate is NOT sweet. It’s almost bitter. That stuff in Easter eggs isn’t chocolate; it’s sugar!

  3. I will absolutely try this!

  4. I am using pure Dutch cocoa powder over my gluten free cereal in the morning with slices of red delicious apple and find it yummy and noticed that it lowered my blood pressure. I sometimes add kiwi fruit to that which doubles the reduction rate.

  5. how much is 50 grames , how about making homemade coco.

  6. Rachael Cartwright

    oooh I like sound of that.

  7. ……..and I always knew, in the heart of my heart, that one day science will find an honorable n academically sound excuse for my love of 5-Star…..

  8. that's all well and good to hear but… what if you are diabetic? does it put your blood suger up.. or is it ok to eat.. and does cocoa powder do the same thing?

  9. Dear Scott Davis,
    Your comment about overeating chocolate because it has fat and calories is nonsense.
    Are you still a believer in saturated fats as bad fats? Time to start looking at the evidence. Saturates fats don’t oxidise in the body, oil seed fats are very easily oxidised and overload the LDL conveying cholesterol around the blood stream.
    Get your house in order, please.

  10. Read the label on the chocolate. The white / light brown chocolate has a lot of sugar 12 /15 the very dark chocolate ." 75% cocoa" has the lowest amount of sugar .5 / 6 The effect of blood sugar is tiny. Pure cocoa powder will do the same but make sure it has no sugar in it. remember 50 grams only . ?/ about 2 small pieces. is what i have every night.

  11. Satvinder Singh Virk

    5 star is disgusting ( low grade milk chocolate with industrial nougat….), we are talking about dark chocolate here.

  12. ..but it's not good for diabetics, I guess.

  13. I’m diabetic, and eat approx 50g sugar free dark choc every day——

  14. When I first learnt this lovely 'secret' I joined the Hotel Chocolat tasting club. 🙂

  15. i knew that bakers chocolate is healthy but also bitter

  16. There is never any mention in all the chocolate articles about plain, pure cocoa powder. But the original research was based on islanders drinking 5 cups of cocoa a day. No fat, no sugar, no calories.!!!!!!!
    One heaping tablespoon in a cup of hot water (not milk-it blocks the absorption of the good stuff). I use Nestle’s Toll House Cocoa. If you can find it, Cadbury’s 100 Cocoa is good too. I read the cocoa powder must not be alkaline processed, as this destroys the benefits also.

  17. There is a dark chocolate of 90% cocoa in a bar…made by Lindt. Disgusting stuff…lol…but it won't effect blood sugar with the small amount eaten.

  18. There is a chocolate in a bar that is 90% cocoa content. It is disgusting stuff…lol…but with the small amount eaten it won't raise blood sugar. The sugar content is so minimal.

  19. I lowered my cholesterol by taking red yeast rice and fish oil pills.

  20. Read up on Xoçai power chocolate, proven to be healthy also for diabetics.

  21. If you get all benefits for cocoa then why not we simply go for cocoa drink.

  22. They DO NOT mean milk chocolate in any way, shape or form.


  24. That’s quite informative. Will surely start eating dark chOcolate now.will cocoa do the same?

  25. wow i love chocolates thanks
    since i seldom ate this bec. i am heavy enough and i am on diiet always

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