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Vertigo and High Blood Pressure Connection

Even if you suffer from both vertigo and high blood pressure, you may not be aware there is a connection between the two. You might write each one off as separate conditions that need to be treated separately.

But as with so many other conditions, a high percentage of people experiencing vertigo regularly also have high blood pressure. And the fact is, long lasting hypertension very often causes chronic vertigo, dizziness and lightshades.

How? That’s the subject of today’s feature article. To learn more and make your comments below.

You see, vertigo is not a subject that should be taken lightly. It’s the third most common symptom in primary care and even more common among elderly. It’s also a condition with apparently many different causes but no cure (at least from the traditional medical system – more on natural solutions in a bit).

Vertigo is most often blamed on some kind of dysfunction in the balance system. Either the the inner ear, eyes or nerves are typical suspects. However, I have found that more often it’s caused by lack of blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain. This causes lightshades, vertigo and dizzy feelings.

Our vertigo and dizziness exercises have worked wonders to permanently cure vertigo by loosening up the muscles associated with balance, which both fixes misalignment between the eyes and the inner ear as well as increasing blood flow up to the brain.

High blood pressure, however, also causes lack of blood delivery up to the brain. When the arteries leading up to the head are constantly hit with high blood pressure, they harden and narrow and less blood can be delivered through them. This is the reason why high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

So in essence, vertigo can be regarded as a big warning sign for stroke and heart attack as it’s an indication that the arteries running up to the head have begun to harden and blood flow is reduced.

You may think that a small reduction of blood flow is not such a big deal but think again. Although the brain only counts for about 2% of our body weight, it uses 20-40% of all oxygen we inhale. Even if we can live five minutes without breathing, our brain continues to receive oxygen we still have in our lungs and blood stream. However, within 10 seconds of cutting off oxygen delivery to the brain, we lose consciousness. And brain damage begins to develop within seconds more. It’s the most important “nutrition” our brain gets.

So you can imagine there are serious consequences even if your brain is only slightly deprived of oxygen. Studies have shown that mice that received 85% of normal oxygen began to develop dementia symptoms within days. That’s how Alzheimer’s (again condition mostly associated with aging) has been linked to long-term lack of blood flow into the brain.

Another warning sign is if you experience tension in the neck. Hardening of the arteries and lack of blood flow leads to tension in the neck, jaw and other muscles surrounding that area. People compensate by physically tilting their heads, which leads to a misalignment between the eyes and the inner ear. This worsens vertigo and dizziness.

The good news is that new studies have shown that if you manage to lower your blood pressure using natural methods, diet changes, lifestyle changes or our high blood pressure program, your arteries will begin to soften up again, delivering more blood flow throughout the body. Interestingly, the same benefits do not seem to appear when using drugs.

Whether or not you’ve high blood pressure in association with your vertigo, you should definitely check out our vertigo and dizziness program.

And if you do have high blood pressure, our high blood pressure program has helped thousands of people to drop their blood pressure down to normal- usually within a week. Learn more about this program here…

But first, please leave your comments below.

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  1. It is very good article to introduce to you, all of my friends. Happy without high blood pressure.

  2. April 24, 2012

    Hi Christian,

    Thank you for your regular health updates, I have been getting in my In-box for several years.

    I can attest to having had a vertigo-cum-High BP situation.

    I was 50 lbs over weight in 2008, and had High BP. This situation was worsened with a 17 hour direct flight to India. I always have pain in my ears during a descent (decompression), plus I suffer from heart palpitations, and shortness of breath, i.e. am winded and cannot keep up with air travel companions while walking to luggage area. I have no conscious mental anxiety with air travel – nada – not a thought in my mind.

    Anyways, moving on, within a night or two of arriving in Bombay, I had vertigo and my bedroom was moving round and round. I went to a Physician and my BP was sky high 250/115. I also found I was walking crooked (like a drunk) veering to my left, and had loss of balance.

    I lost 30 lbs due either / both being put a a mega started dose of Vit. D (50,000 I.U. once a week for 6 weeks) and/ or being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in 2009, and my BP is now 120/60 (Drs. visit yesterday), and my vertigo has gone, as has my shortness of breath while walking even short distances. I also have been taking oxygen drops in a glass of water for 2 years – I am no longer wheezing, and my general health is better.

    Does any of this compute with what you know?



  3. Your article is very encouraging about high blood pressure.Please suggest more methods to reduce high blood pressure.

  4. yes, I am Robert Bruce Khan.

  5. I subscribed and made order for Blood-pressure program through my credit card during middle of the year 2010, but till date I have not received any program, though my money is debited from my bank account. Hence I came to the conclusion that the whole thing is a scam and hence I am merely reading all your mails only. That is all.

  6. In fact, by mistake, I clicked tiwce, and two times the amount has been debited. I have all the proof withe the bank. But I just kept quiet, inspite of the fact I am deceived in this matter.

  7. Immediately I sent an email about this. But in vain from your side.

  8. Will bicycle riding help to overcome vertigo?

  9. I’m almost cured of the vertigo ailment through the exercises. Many thanks. God Bless.

  10. This is a wonderful find! I have suffered with vertigo/dizziness for a year and a half now and have been to several different doctors, had a MRI, behavioral medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, reiki, etc. Nothing has got rid of it 100%. It is better now but still always right there not totally gone. I have learned to deal with it. I want it to be gone tho, so this gives me hope again. I had high blood pressure for me at the beginning of all this and my Dr. put me on a water pill. It has come down to normal but I am a type A personality and have chronic tightness and soreness in my neck, shoulders and upper back. What your article says makes more sense to me then anything I have heard. Thank you so much. Will purchase your program when I get paid.

  11. Vertigo is not just a fear of heights – that's 'acrophobia' the two are often confused.

  12. This article is an eye opener and I will purchase both programs, one for vertigo and the other for high blood pressure. I have suffered with vertigo on occasion but he last time (April 2011), it was really, really bad. I had to get an MRI and another test and finally went to physical therapy. I do have high blood pressure and am trying to get it to a normal range without the medication through exercise, diet, and stress management. I am within a good range (between 115/70 to 135/80) which doesn’t sound bad, but I want that kind of reading without having to take a pill daily. I am serious about lowering my blood pressure but whenever I get off the medication, swelling occurs around my ankles. I need to order your booklets pronto.

  13. Do you have any information about when LOW blood pressure results in restricting oxygen to the brain?

  14. Is there a similar connection between high blood pressure and MDDS or Miniere's Disease?

  15. Very interesting. I suffer from what is known as benign vertigo. Examples, most of the time when I am laying down and turn in a different direction I get a wave of dizziness. Makes me crazy! I did not realize the two were connected. Thanks for the info.

  16. Anne-Marie Burhans

    That happens to me too. I have high blood pressure and take two medications for it. When I lie down and turn my head to the left I feel dizzy.

  17. Antoinette Abbatiello Iannucci

    i have the same thing… it sucks!

  18. Anne-Marie Burhans
    Hello, definitely so annoying, I have checked for high blood pressure. Even wore a monitor. There are some exercises that you can do. I am afraid to try them. Your kids are so beautiful. I hope you are feeling good.

  19. Antoinette Abbatiello Iannucci I definitely agree. I hope all is well. Tell Vinny hello.

  20. I also have had attacks of benign positional (or postural) vertigo. The way to treat this is by exercise which need to be performed 3 times daily and for about 10 minutes at a time. Usually do 5 or more times each side. They are benificial only if dizziness is reproduced. Please note: These exercises are not for normal vertigo – benign positionall vertigo only.

    1. Sit on the edge of a bed, turn your head slightly to the left side (about 45 degrees). Lie down quickly on the right side (ensure the back of the head rests on the bed). Wait for either 20 or 30 seconds or for any dizziness to settle.

    2. Sit up straikght. Wait for 20 or 30 seconds or for any dizziness to settle.

    3. Repeat on the other side: turn the head slightly ot the right side before lying down quickly on your left side.

    * It doesn't matter on which side you lie down first.
    * Turn your head away from the side on which you lie down.
    * It is important to reproduce dizziness with the exercises.
    * If the exercises are done regularly, the symptoms should settle over a period of several days but this may vary from 3 to 4 days to weeks.

    NOTE: This is nothing to do with Christian Goodman's article but is only for benign positional vertigo.

  21. i developed vertigo after 2 mini-strokes plus panic attacks

  22. I have high blood pressure and also have tinnitus almost all the time. Do you think there is also a connection between the two?

  23. Luke – there is definitely a connection between tinnitus and high blood pressure in very similar way as vertigo and high blood pressure. The vertigo articles have worked very well for tinnitus as well so I believe there is often similar underlying causes.

  24. I like the valuable information you provide for your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and take a look at again right here regularly. I am moderately sure I will learn many new stuff proper right here! Good luck for the next!

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